Need To Navigate Negativity?

Ever had one of those days where everyone seems intent on dumping their negativity garbage on you?  Perhaps over your morning cornflakes your grumpy spouse snapped at you.  As you got off the train a fellow commuter nearly knocked you over in their hurry to get to work.  Then

What’s The Best Way To Improve Wellbeing?

If there was one change really worth making to improve your wellbeing at work where’s the best place to start?  For example, should you be performing random acts of kindness, focusing on using your strengths or putting more jolts of joy into your day? When I first started

Can You Tame A Bad Boss?

Is your boss stressing you out?  If you answered yes, you’re not alone with three out of every four people reporting their boss is the most stressful part of their job. Unfortunately many of us confronted with a boss who yells, is always looking over our shoulder, takes

How Do You Create Lasting Changes?

As you try to bring to life many of the approaches we’ve been exploring to improve your wellbeing you might have found that despite your very best intentions, the changes you’re trying to create never seem to last. Let’s be honest, getting changes to stick is often

Do You Need A Happiness Hack?

Is trying to be happier wearing you out?  What most people don’t know is that our brains aren’t well designed to make happiness an easy outcome. You see researchers have discovered your head is hard-wired with a “negativity bias”.  Designed to ensure

Could An 11 Minute Habit Change Your Life?

Does the idea of improving your wellbeing leave you feeling completely worn out?  Raise your positivity levels, discover your strengths, practice compassion, find meaning and ignite hope, all sound like great ideas but just when are you meant to fit them in? As someone who

Do You Have Enough Hope?

Given the ongoing uncertainty in most businesses and economies, are you finding it hard to hold on to your hope at work? Following several years of rolling redundancies, downgrades of profits and slashing of budgets it’s natural to worry if tomorrow, next month or even
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