Does Compassion Have Value At Work?

Are helpfulness and forgiveness a part of your business model?  When you sit in a room with your colleagues or your clients do you ever look for where there’s pain in the room?  And if you do notice, do you feel confident enough to do something about it? Studies are

Can You Turn Hopes Into Reality?

When it comes to what you want to accomplish in the months ahead at work are you clear on what your hoping for? I ask because while research suggests eighty-nine per cent of us believe the future will be better than the present, only fifty per cent of us believe we can make it

Can You Profit From The Positive?

Can you imagine being asked what’s going right at work, rather than raked over coals for all the things that “might” go wrong?  How about being given frequent praise and recognition by your boss?  Or turning up to a meeting that starts with so much sizzle

Afraid You’re Not Good Enough?

Just between you and me do you ever secretly fear you’re not really good enough for your job?  Do you worry that any day now you’ll be found out for the impostor you really are?  And everything you’ve worked so hard for will come crumbling down? You’re

Do You Have Enough Grit?

Ever wondered why some people – who seem no more intelligent than others – accomplish more than others?  Are they simply more  talented?  Or is it something else they do the rest of us could learn from? A growing body of evidence suggests talent alone didn’t even get

Are You A Giver Or Taker?

When it comes to how you interact with other people at work are you a giver, a taker or a matcher?  And does it even matter? When you’re in giver mode, you look for ways to be helpful to others.  When you’re in matcher mode, you look to trade evenly with other people,

Want To Meet Your Best Possible Future Self?

If you had to find your way from your emotional and physical rock bottom to a place of lasting well-being and happiness would you know how to do it? Could you navigate your way through an addiction, financial ruin, toxic relationships, parenting challenges and still find the
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