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About Michelle

michelMichelle McQuaid is a best-selling author, workplace wellbeing teacher and playful change activator. With more than a decade of senior leadership experience in large organizations around the world, she’s passionate about translating cutting-edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience, into practical strategies for health, happiness, and business success. An honorary fellow at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education, she blogs for Psychology Today and Huffington Post and her advice has been featured in media around the world.

  • "Michelle is one of the world's leaders in designing and implementing positive psychology interventions to workplaces."

    Professor Martin Seligman Founder of Positive Psychology

  • "Michelle is a global leader in using the VIA Survey to boost growth and productivity."

    Neal Mayerson Founder, VIA Institute

  • "Michelle's energy and vision lift everyone around her. She is a high-quality person and I recommend her fully."

    Professor David Cooperrider Founder of Appreciative Inquiry

  • "Michelle offers great insights into how your mindset can turn even the most challenging situations into opportunities."

    Professor Carol Dweck Stanford University