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Wish you could stop stressing so much about your job? Not eat so many bad foods? Or perhaps not shout so often at your kids? Maybe you’re focused on trying to prevent lost productivity in your team, or to stop poor team behaviors or even to avoid losing more of your top female talent. Let’s be honest no matter what shift you want to make personally or professionally, creating change, for most of us, is hard. … but it doesn’t have to be. After studying and working alongside Professor David Cooperrider – the man sought out by the world’s business, political and religious leaders to help them create lasting change – I’m thrilled to be able to give you this free training material where you’ll learn…
MMcQ_Website_OptIn_AIeBook_03 The four simple questions you can ask to create the lasting changes you’re craving.
MMcQ_Website_OptIn_AIeBook_06 How these approaches train your brain to feel more confident, connected and committed to the changes you’ve chosen.
MMcQ_Website_OptIn_AIeBook_08 Tested ways you can use these questions in coaching conversations, team workshops and whole organization summits to unite and empower others.
  It’s my heartfelt hope this eBook helps you to create the change you’re looking for. Warmest wishes, signature