Appreciative Inquiry

Accelerate people’s commitment to co-creating meaningful changes.

Engaging. Energizing. Game Changing.

Do you need a large group of people to quickly commit to designing and co-creating change together? By ensuring everyone’s voices are heard, their hopes shared, and their strengths valued, Appreciative Inquiry Summits supercharge collaboration, innovation, and accountability.

Drawing on the latest neuroscience and systems change research, Summits have been used by workplaces, schools, and communities to accelerate planning, decision-making, and innovation; radically shift, inspire, or generate new visions or cultures; forge mergers, alliances, and partnerships; or design or build momentum for new initiatives or organizations. Usually delivered over one or two days, either online or in-person, for 50–1,000 people they are designed to research and bring together diverse points of view, pool resources, and spark individual and collective commitment to important changes.

To achieve this, our Appreciative Inquiry Summit process includes:


We lay the groundwork for success from the beginning. Working with a small group of change champions, we help you design a collaborative conversation that can catalyse change. Together we define a magnetic topic, generative questions, and engaging activities to surface what the people care enough to own. We also ensure you’re ready to capitalize on the powerful post-Summit momentum to transform people’s ideas into high-impact actions.

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We create psychologically safe spaces for change to thrive during and after the Summit. Our sought-after facilitators guide your participants to: Discover their existing strengths; Dream what success might look like; Design pathways forward to make their shared hopes a reality; and Deploy self-organized actions to mobilize the change. Throughout these conversations, we ensure everyone’s voices are heard, differences respected, and contributions valued to build trust and supercharge connection. Artefacts including posters, videos, and murals can be created throughout the day to take away if desired.

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We help you turn hopes into reality. Our researchers compile a beautifully designed, easy-to-share PDF report of the Summit outcomes. This serves as a practical guide for us to assist your change champions in prioritizing the ideas and actions that emerged and agreeing on next steps. As you implement these changes, we coach your champions not to develop projects with a beginning, middle, and end, but to embed more effective approaches to help your people co-create change together.

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All the materials we create for your AI Summit, including participant guides, slides, reporting templates, reports, artifacts, coaching tools, and gathered data, are yours to use internally as you wish.


An overview of our Appreciative Inquiry Workshops.

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