Appreciative Inquiry

Co-create change with timely, actionable research insights. 

“The speed, ease, and impact of these research conversations were unlike anything we had previously experienced. Most importantly, they delivered actionable insights which our leaders are committed and confident to deliver on.”

Safe. Insightful. Actionable. 

Do you need people to quickly commit to co-creating change together? Do you understand their strengths, struggles, and hopes? Do you know what they are willing to take ownership of?

Our Appreciative Inquiry workshops are rooted in action research to ensure all voices are heard, insights are captured, and design thinking ideas and recommendations are gathered. Used in workplaces, schools, and communities to accelerate planning, decision-making, and innovation; radically shift, inspire, or generate new visions or cultures; forge mergers, alliances, and partnerships; or design or build momentum for new initiatives or organizations. Usually delivered over 3 to 4 hours, either online or in-person, they are designed to research and bring together diverse points of view and spark commitment for important changes. We do this by:


We design conversations that co-create change as they happen. Together we agree on participants, craft generative topics and questions, deliver participant guides to surface desired insights, and co-create reporting templates to ensure a comprehensive collection of insights from participants.

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We create psychologically safe spaces that build trust and connection. Our facilitators use the latest neurological, psychological, and social tools to ensure everyone’s voices are equally valued. We use individual, paired, small group, and large group practices to surface strengths, address struggles, and co-design effective change strategies and tools with your people.

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Our research analysts code the workshop insights to surface themes and recommendations that are packaged into an easy-to-understand PDF report that can be shared. We present the findings to key sponsors to ensure any questions are answered and a set of final recommendations can be explored together.

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Our structured research approach ensures a comprehensive exploration of issues and provides a clear roadmap for further action. If desired, we can also add quantitative tools.


An overview of our Appreciative Inquiry Workshops.

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