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Are You Too Passionate About Your Work?

Do you love your work? Does it fire you up with energy and a feeling of purpose in the world? Research has found that being interested in your job is good for your satisfaction, wellbeing and performance at work. But can you have too much passion for your job? Those times when you just can’t seem to switch off and you feel that no matter how many extra hours you put in it’s never quite enough.

Well, lately that’s been me. So I confess that I was starting to have sleepless nights worrying if my passion for my work had tipped too far. I knew I had a lot to get done with so many goals to be met, but was it becoming an unhealthy obsession that was no longer positive?

I recently asked Professor Robert Vallerand from the University of Quebec on how the type of passion you have impacts your work and life. His research has found that when you have harmonious passion you feel in control and have a sense of joy and purpose in your work. But he’s also found that your passion can become obsessive when it defines who you are and gets in the way of engaging in other areas of your life and that over time obsessive passion leads to burnout.

So what does this mean if sometimes you need to pour a whole lot more commitment, time and energy into your projects? Are these short intense sprints of obsessive passion okay? Or are you taking a risk of tipping too far into obsessive passion? Discover my a-ha moment from our conversation in this short video.

Or listen to my full podcast with Robert.

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