Caring for wellbeing.
Navigating struggle.

Helping people in workplaces, schools, and communities to
care for their wellbeing, even when they’re struggling.

We help workplaces, schools, and communities use the PERMAH wellbeing framework at the “me” (individual),“we” (leader and teams, year levels, and families), and“us” (workplace, school, community) level to help people thrive, even in the midst of struggle. We do this by supporting:

Wellbeing habits, attitudes, and actions spread through a complicated web of social connections which can make caring for wellbeing complex and challenging. Having a shared wellbeing language enables conversations that can positively impact our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our keynotes and workshops, spanning 30 minutes to 3-hours, translate the latest wellbeing science into practical individual and collective actions that better support wellbeing.

Having good quality, actionable data enables you to make informed wellbeing investments. Our quantitative PERMAH Wellbeing Survey tool has been designed to immediately provide each person with their own tailored report to aggregate the data for workplaces, schools and communities. Our qualitative research focus groups are designed to quickly, effectively, and safely ensure everyone’s voices are heard as we gather insights into your wellbeing strengths and struggles, co-create solutions people want to own, and help you agree on the next steps.

There isn’t one magic wellbeing solution that works for everyone. Our ready-to-use PERMAH poster and guide, VIA Strengths poster and guide, wellbeing cards, strengths cards, and best-selling Your Wellbeing Blueprint and Your Strengths Blueprint books, come ready to share with plenty of evidence-based, tiny wellbeing nudges giving people the freedom to choose what works best for them.

Caring for wellbeing is never “won-and-done”. Our train-the-trainer workshops and Certificates equip your leaders and champions with engaging and energizing wellbeing learning experiences they can immediately deliver. Complete with done-for-you PowerPoint slides, PDF playbooks, bonus follow up resources, facilitator guides and coaching if needed, these materials can be tailored and branded as you wish.