The Surprising Truths About
Caring For Wellbeing

Help your leaders and teams care for their mental health and wellbeing, even in times of struggle. 

Evidence-based. Immediately Actionable. High Impact.

Have you made it easy for leaders and teams to care for their mental health and wellbeing? Wellbeing habits, attitudes, and actions spread through a complicated web of social connections which can make caring for wellbeing complex and challenging. Giving your people a shared wellbeing language enables them to have conversations that can positively impact their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Aligned with Dr. Martin Seligman’s PERMAH wellbeing framework, this highly engaging and interactive workshop can be delivered online or in person. It can be used as a 30-minute introduction for busy leadership teams or expanded to a 60-minute, 90-minute, or 3-hour opportunity to put evidence-based, practical wellbeing nudges at your people’s fingertips. Participants will learn how to:


Caring for our wellbeing doesn’t mean we always have to be thriving. It is normal and healthy for our wellbeing to ebb and flow, and moments of struggle often bring important opportunities for learning and growth. Normalizing struggle is one of the most powerful ways we make it safe to talk to each other about caring for our wellbeing.

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There’s not one magic strategy that helps everyone be well. Different people need different approaches based on their context, resources, and goals. The PERMAH wellbeing scale is a quick, free, and confidential tool that helps people assess which wellbeing activities are likely to work best for them and can be used as needed.

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Most wellbeing efforts fail because people try to go too big, too hard, and expect results too fast. To set your people up for success, we’ll teach them the science of designing tiny wellbeing nudges they can fit into even their busiest days. They’ll take away a poster and e-book with more than 60 different evidence-based nudges to try.

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Your leaders and teams won’t just learn about wellbeing; they’ll leave with a shared language and practical tools they can immediately apply. Our slides and playbook are yours to use and share internally as you wish after the workshop. Follow-up podcasts and cheat sheets with leading researchers can also be provided.


An overview of the Surprising Truths About Caring For Wellbeing workshop is available.

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