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We hope you find great value in these done-for-you, steal-them-with-pride Bonus Tools to help care for wellbeing.
What do we mean by "steal-them-with-pride"? You are welcome to use these tools as part of your impact project plan to help others. You can:

  • Use them as they are.
  • Co-brand them with your information if you wish
  • Pull content from them and put them in your own branding.

All we ask is that you acknowledge that The Wellbeing Lab is one of the original sources of this information and that you do not use them for commercial purposes. If you wish to include these tools commercially please reach out to marty@michellemcquaid.com and we will be happy to help you figure this out.

1 - PERMAH Toolbox

2 - Done-For-You Resources

3 - PERMAH Podcasts