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Is This Why Change Gets Stuck?

Is This Why Change Gets Stuck?

BY Michelle McQuaid

Most of us have changes we’d like to make when it comes to our work. It might be cutting down our hours, improving our ability to delegate, or just learning to say ‘no’ nicely. Yet often despite our best intentions, many of us struggle to make the changes we want a reality. So, what’s standing in our way?

Two Harvard researchers, Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey suggest that your resistance to change is an immune system of sorts. It’s designed to protect you from the psychological trauma and danger that sudden change can bring, but in the process this immune system can inadvertently dissuade you from making significant positive changes in your life. In fact, they’ve found that even the mere prospect of change can be enough to trigger your inborn defense mechanisms and cause you to sabotage your best efforts before you’ve even begun.

Unfortunately your immunity to change is often rooted in unexamined beliefs, so generally it’s not enough just thinking about changing your behavior, you also need to instill a conscious and constructive set of beliefs. So when I interviewed Maureen McKenna a partner at Innovation Works where she helps create healthy climates within organizations, teams and communities I asked her: “How can we overcome our immunity to change?”

Want to know her simple framework? Watch the video below to discover my a-ha moment about how you can become more self-aware about the beliefs that hold you back.

Or listen to my full interview with Maureen here.

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