Embracing uncertainty.
Co-creating change.

Helping workplaces, schools, and communities
co-create change, even amidst ongoing uncertainty.

We help co-create positive changes using Appreciative Inquiry tools to turn complex challenges into meaningful opportunities for workplaces, schools, and communities by supporting:

Change comes loaded with uncertainty which can make navigating it together uncomfortable and messy. Our keynotes and workshops, spanning 30 minutes to 3 hours, translate the latest neuroscience on change into practical steps to help you embrace uncertainty and co-create changes that have a meaningful impact.

Imagine if you had 20, 50, 100, or even 1,000 voices providing the data, insights, and recommendations you need all at the same time. Our Appreciative Inquiry Workshops and Summits are designed to quickly, effectively, and safely do this, ensuring every voice is heard. Spanning a couple of hours to a full day together, our globally sought after researchers and facilitators guide your group through discovering, dreaming, designing, and delivering the co-created changes you need to make together.

Every action we take is preceded by a question. Yet, surprisingly few people have been taught the science and art of asking great questions. Our best-selling book Your Change Blueprint and our ready-to-use Appreciative Inquiry question pack and poster fill this gap by offering evidence-based, strength-focused questions they can choose from to help people to see old things in new ways.

Do you want to learn how to co-create meaningful changes? Our train-the-trainer AI Summit Toolbox equips facilitators and champions with step-by-step instructions and tools to make running their own Appreciative Inquiry workshops and summits easy and effective. Complete with short how-to-videos, easy-to-follow guides, best-practice examples, checklists, and coaching if needed these materials can be tailored and branded as you wish.