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Give your people a safe space to be heard and supported.

We coach people to fuse the latest research in wellbeing, psychosocial safety, leadership and change into practical actions that have a meaningful impact. We work with individual, leaders, and teams to:

Tailored to your unique needs, these strengths-focused coaching conversations help people build on what’s already working well, more confidently navigate their struggles, and create tiny wellbeing nudges that can have a mighty impact. Our coaches can help individuals, leaders, and teams to confidentially assess levels of wellbeing, identify evidence-based practices that can make an immediate difference, and help amplify people’s ability and motivation to care for their wellbeing.

MMcQ Group Coaching

Addressing risks early by providing confidential spaces for prompt, candid discussions about the hazards people may be experiencing increases the likelihood of preventing minor issues from turning into significant problems and future claims. Our coaches create safe spaces for people to discreetly discuss hazards, explore viable and legally compliant options for controlling the risks, while fostering trust and collaboration.

MMcQ Group Coaching

When change becomes overwhelming, your people need coaches with the knowledge and tools to navigate workplace challenges. We work with individuals, leaders, teams, and change champions to support them through career development, workplace politics, new ways of working, performance anxiety, and other issues that can drain people’s confidence and energy.

MMcQ Group Coaching

Typically delivered over 60 minutes online or face-to-face, we have a global team of high-quality coaches with varied strengths and experiences. Coaching sessions can be easily booked and tracked through our online system.


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