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Build students' confidence, courage and connection.


Before Discover You™, I didn’t have the courage to do anything. Now I feel confident and know that I have control over my life and can change it for the better.

Help your students to tackle challenges, build their resilience, care for their wellbeing and improve their academic success by improving their confidence, courage and connection.

Designed as a train-and-go program for your teachers to deliver to your students, Discover You™ helps Grade 5–12 and early post-secondary students to:

  • Build the skills of social and emotional learning and positive psychology to develop their growth mindsets, self-management, social awareness, conflict resolution, character strengths, forgiveness, courage and so much more.
  • Navigate their unique and personal journey with a simple framework to help them create the external and internal assets they need to make positive life choices.
  • Support their mental wellbeing and provide tools for suicide prevention.
  • Measure the longitudinal impact of their efforts with actionable data on their relationships, social and emotional learning and psychological wellbeing.

By drawing on globally renowned, evidence-based wellbeing frameworks including Character Strengths, Social and Emotional Learning, PERMAH, and the Developmental Assets already used in many schools, these student workshops can be easily integrated into your existing wellbeing strategy and initiatives.

Sustainable and cost-effective, Discover You™ can be bought as school or community licenses.


Customisable to your school context and needs, Discover You™ provides:

  • An end-to-end program or stacks of workshops based on the skills most important for your students.
  • 18+ experiential one-hour workshops that can be delivered in the classroom, out of school time or for groups, clubs, or teams.
  • Done-for-you lesson plans and student workbooks that align with the ACARA Personal and Social Capabilities as well as learning content across curriculum areas.
  • Program messaging and educational documents for your school and families.
  • A built-in survey tool that provides actionable, longitudinal data on the impact the program is having for your students.



Help your students to discover and develop their neurological superpowers as they explore their character, build and maintain healthy relationships, exercise their growth mindsets to fuel learning, and come to understand that caring for their wellbeing will include moments of both thriving and struggle.


Help your students to take a deeper look into their relationships, personal strengths and self-management through a present and future lens, dig deeper into how important social issues affecting young people today shape their self-image and self-worth, and critically explore the impact of diversity, equity and inclusion for themselves and others.

Helping young people to lead purposeful and flourishing lives is at the core of what we do in Discover You™

If you are seeking an evidence-based wellbeing solution to support your students, just talk with our friendly team today.