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Do you wish you could:

Leverage the globally respected, tried and tested framework of Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMA theory to bridge the gap between wellbeing policy and practice to minimize the risks and win over the skeptics?

Give your teachers and staff an evidence-based wellbeing training toolbox that improves wellbeing literacy, normalizes thriving and struggle, and allows people to choose the wellbeing approaches that work best for them?

Provide safe spaces for wellbeing accountability and support by teaching your teams to hold group check-ins where they can share what’s working well, where they’re struggling, and what to try next without judgement?

Deliver measurable wellbeing improvements for staff with a simple 5-minute PERMAH survey tool you can tailor that provides individual and organizational results to help personalize and prioritize where to focus your wellbeing efforts?

Integrate supportive wellbeing practices across your teams, within your classrooms, and across your school community using Appreciative Inquiry to ensure you have collective buy-in and ownership of your wellbeing practices?

Affordably access an education focused, best-practice wellbeing community so when you have questions, need resources, are looking for interventions, or want to hear how others are tackling similar challenges you can do so at the click of a button.

Despite having a heart full of hope, a head filled with research, and years of teaching experiences, trying to improve wellbeing across your school can be challenging, exhausting, and lonely.

But you don’t have to walk this path alone.

For the first time ever, we’re making our highly-sought schools wellbeing content for teachers and staff available directly to schools. For an affordable annual fee you’ll have access to:

  • The Education Lab PERMAH Survey to easily measure adult wellbeing across your school as often as you choose.
  • Online training for your wellbeing champions or facilitators (videos and detailed guides) for a keynote introduction workshop, a half-day ways to wellbeing workshop, and 8 x 1.5-hour workshop series that you can tailor to the meet your school’s professional development needs.
  • Beautifully co-branded (just add your school’s logo) PowerPoint slides and digital playbooks that you can share across your school community to improve wellbeing literacy.
  • Easy to print wellbeing posters (great for the staffroom) and visual prompts to help your teachers and staff reach for evidence-based wellbeing tools as they go about their jobs.
  • Group coaching check-in playsheets to help you create psychologically safe spaces for smalls or large groups to follow up workshop activities.
  • Appreciative Inquiry Summit toolbox complete with step-by-step guides, agendas, templates, and examples that you can steal with pride.
  • A private members area where you can ask for help, access additional materials and resources, connect with other schools, and join us for a monthly live group coaching call to share and celebrate best practices for embedding wellbeing into schools.
  • 4 x one-hour small-group coaching calls with our experienced team to help provide tailored coaching and support that meets your school’s unique needs.

  • 98% of our participants at Melbourne University have said they would recommend the Wellbeing Labs workshops to their peers and 91% are confident they could apply the knowledge and skills they learned.

    The University of Melbourne

  • Michelle guided and supported our team at Loreto as we introduced positive education at a whole school level. She has assisted our faculty, prepared and presented at our parent launch of Positive Education (800 people) and has delivered professional learning sessions to our staff. Her professional approach, knowledge and expertise in facilitating our Appreciative Inquiry Summit has been instrumental in the success of our journey.

    Loreto Mandeville Hall

  • Our school hosted an appreciative inquiry summit to deeply explore wellbeing from a strengths-based perspective. Working with Michelle McQuaid's team to bring our summit to life was an absolute joy. The summit itself was a positive wellbeing intervention for our many participants, and the team did an incredible job adapting to our desire to bring student voices to the forefront of our dreams and designs. We now have a group of passionate wellbeing champions with a shared vision for our school's future.

    Erika Jonsson Footscray Primary School wellbeing committee convenor

  • Alli supported the wellbeing of our organization using her strengths of Zest and Honesty. Her facilitation style is engaging, uplifting and authentic. With her teaching background, Alli has been the perfect fit as a wellbeing coach for our organization. She is able to use her insight as well as draw on a broad range of experiences, knowledge, and understandings to adapt her presentations and strategies to our specific needs.

    Southern Support School

  • Alli’s playful, engaging and needs-based facilitation style thoroughly supported the wellbeing of our school. We benefited from our work with Alli by the way she provided practical application of evidence-based research and encouraged staff to think about their own wellbeing before designing and trialing positive psychology interventions for their students. Alli emphasized the need to take small steps and building the program slowly in order for it to be authentic and long-lasting. You won’t regret engaging Alli to work with your organization's wellbeing journey.

    Fahan School

If you have:

  • A wellbeing priority that you would truly like to take from policy to practice.
  • A commitment to do more than simply tick a wellbeing box for your school.
  • A willingness to invest your school’s resources in measurably improving the wellbeing of your staff and students.

Then licensing our Education Lab content could be a great fit for you.

Choose the option that works best for you:

A 12 Month License Includes: 100% Online Blended Approach Supported Delivery
Education Lab PERMAH Survey license one per school
Online training for your champions/facilitators for a keynote, half-day and 8 x 1.5-hour workshop series
Co-branded powerpoint slides and digital playbooks that can be shared across your community
Easy to print wellbeing posters and visual prompts
Group coaching check-in playsheets to guide accountability and learning
Appreciative Inquiry Summit toolbox complete with step-by-step guides, agendas, templates, and examples that you can steal with pride.
Private members area to ask for help, access additional materials and resources, connect with other schools and join a live monthly best practice call.
4 x one-hour small group coaching calls to tailor your approach.
1 day facilitated professional development workshop with one of our experienced team members
2 days of facilitated professional development workshops with one of our experienced team members

We price our solutions to meet your needs.

Pricing by student enrolment: 100% Online Blended Approach Supported Delivery
Small: 1-400 $6,000 $16,000* $24,000*
Medium: 401-800 $10,000 $20,000* $30,000*
Large: 801+ $12,000 $24,000* $36,000*
Independent consultants and trainers to schools $12,000**

All prices are in Australian dollars. Click here for your conversion rate.

*Please note that if travel costs are required these will be additional. This would be discussed at the time you select your facilitator from our team. In all cases, we do our best to provide someone locally.

**Please note only one Education Lab PERMAH Survey license is provided. If you need to purchase licenses for additional schools please just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Education Lab is set up in such a way that it will complement existing programs you may have in place – you don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater! Just pick and choose the additional content and tools you need to amplify your current investments of energy, effort and money. We’re happy to help coach you through this process if you need a hand.

Done-for-you content that can be easily adapted as you wish and shared across your school for all staff. We’ve been delivering this content for more than a decade in schools around the world, with great results. You will be able to measure teacher wellbeing in your school using Dr. Peggy Kern’s PERMAH wellbeing measure and get instant reporting on levels of thriving and struggle in your school. You will have access to a library of workshops and supporting materials that you can use to improve wellbeing literacy and build a shared evidence-based toolbox of wellbeing tools. You will have done-for-you coaching worksheets for staff to support each other and an Appreciative Inquiry Summit pack to help you embed wellbeing practices across your school. Finally, you’ll have a private best practice community area where you can learn from other schools and join us for 4 x 1 hour small group coaching calls at a time that suits you.

We encourage two school-based wellbeing champions or facilitators (one of whom is part of the leadership team) for the Education Lab to ensure you have someone on the ground in your context to lead with and to reduce the risk of a single point of failure (e.g. someone goes on leave). That said, there is no minimum or maximum requirement. It is up to your school.

It’s really up to the individual facilitators. For those who have done some learning in this space already they will easily pick up the content and tools. For those new to this content it may take a little longer to build their confidence to help lead your whole school through this process – this is why we offer help with facilitation if you need it. We would anticipate approximately 1 – 2 hours of time dedicated to learning the content and making any amendments you deem appropriate for your school for a successful delivery of each module. We’ve provided everything we can to make this easy including training videos, facilitator manuals, done-for-you Powerpoint slides, digital playbooks, and follow up resources. And we’ll be hanging out in the community area to answer if you can join us on the small group coaching calls if you need a hand.

We recommend you set aside 8 x 1.5 hour professional learning blocks for your staff (2 per term over the course of a school year). However, if you‘d like to take things slower or speed things up depending on your context the content is packaged in way that makes it easy to tailor. We’re happy to help coach you through this process if you need a hand.

Currently the Education Lab is specifically designed to focus on staff wellbeing, as our experience has shown us that this is the best place for schools to start. While we discourage you from jumping in too quickly with your students in a formal way, we certainly encourage early adopters on your staff to start experimenting with the knowledge and skills they build through their professional leaning with their students if they so wish. We don’t provide materials specifically for students at the moment, but are happy to help share ideas and experiences within our best practice community area together.

Yes, while the knowledge and skills you will gain from the Education Lab will not necessarily fix all your problems, it will certainly be of benefit in moving your staff towards wellbeing from wherever you currently are.

In its simplest form, wellbeing is your ability to feel good and function effectively (Huppert, 2008). It gives you the resources to navigate the highs and lows we all experience in our work and in our lives, while enabling you to intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically ‘flourish’.

Researchers have proposed numerous theories of what wellbeing actually is (Diener et al., 2010; Ryff & Keyes, 1995; Huppert & So, 2013). In 2011, Professor Seligman offered his own model, known as “PERMA.” His model suggests that wellbeing arises from five pillars:

  • Positive emotions: experiencing positive feelings such as joy, calmness, and happiness.
  • Engagement: being interested and involved in life.
  • Relationships: feeling loved, valued, and connected with other people.
  • Meaning: having a sense of direction, feeling that our lives are valuable and worthwhile, and connecting to something bigger than ourselves.
  • Accomplishment: the belief and ability to do things that matter most to us, achieving goals, and having a sense of mastery.

We (and many others) believe that physical health is also a key part of wellbeing (Butler & Kern, 2014; Rath, 2013; Rath & Harter, 2010; Rath, 2013). Everything is just easier when you feel physically healthy. So, we refer to this model as “PERMAH.”

To thrive, you need to cultivate each of the PERMAH pillars. How much you’ll need of each will vary depending on the type of person you are, the situations you’re in, and the outcomes you want to achieve. And you may even find that within each pillar some activities matter more for your wellbeing than others. This means there is no single blueprint for wellbeing. The right plan looks different for each of us.

This is why we’ve chosen the PERMAH framework to guide the activities, tools and approaches shared in The Education Lab, as it provides a framework for thinking about specific, actionable ways your staff can look after their wellbeing. We did not choose it because we believe it has been conclusively proven as the roadmap to wellbeing; after all, good science is never proven but is an evolving process of ongoing learning and refinement. Rather, we chose it because we’ve found that the PERMAH framework is a useful, easy way for people to understand, measure, and take action using evidence-based research and tools. It is also an easy way for teams and whole schools to think about ways they can support, rather than deplete, each other’s wellbeing.

Yes, while the focus is very much about building content knowledge and a shared language around wellbeing, you will also have access to Appreciative Inquiry coaching tools and AI Summits to embed practices that support wellbeing across your school.

During December 2019, we’ll have two live one hour coaching calls (that will be recorded) to onboard schools and share the things we – and the many schools we’ve worked with – wished they’d known about improving teacher wellbeing so we can save you from costly mistakes and false starts.

From early January 2020, you’ll have access to The PERMAH School Wellbeing Survey and we’ll show you how you can easily add tailored demographic and general questions to this tool so that if you’d like to measure teacher wellbeing as people return for the new term you can do so. The survey takes less than five minutes for each person to complete, and they immediately see their results on screen and can create a tailored wellbeing plan for themselves if they wish. This tool has already been used with more than 15,000 teachers around the world. You’ll also be able to easily see how your staff are doing when it comes to wellbeing as a group and this can be a great way to shape the roll out of your teacher wellbeing strategy for the year.

From early January 2020, you’ll also have access to all the teaching materials with training videos, facilitator guides, Powerpoint decks and playbooks that you can tailor as you need for your school. You’ll also have access to the coaching guides and Appreciative Inquiry Summit pack.

Finally, from January 2020 our best practice community area and small group coaching calls will kick off so you can have all the support you need.

The PERMAH School Wellbeing Survey is set up for you to measure the wellbeing of your staff as often as you want. Do it each term, twice a year or annually. Whatever works best in your school. While your staff’s levels of wellbeing will naturally ebb and flow depending on what is happening around them at school and at home, you will know if your Education Lab efforts are working by your staff’s levels of confidence and motivation to actively shape their wellbeing. The PERMAH School Wellbeing Survey makes it easy to track these outcomes.

We pride ourselves on our generosity and have poured years and years of our best work into creating The Education Lab materials for you and delivering them at the most affordable price we can. As such while we are very happy for you to use the materials in any way that is beneficial for your school, in order to be able to create building great tools for you (yes student materials will come!) we ask that you respect that the license you have purchased is just for your school.

Yes. We will provide you with a simple contract clearly stating what is covered for your investment and how to resolve any issues you have with the materials or support offered. We are committed to helping you get the most value we can out of this investment and are always open to your feedback to make things even better.

Maybe. We want to deliver the very best support we can to each of our schools and so initially we will be limiting the number of schools that we offer licenses to. In the future, we may open up this opportunity again but are not making any promises as our first commitment will be to the schools who join us now.