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Embracing Change – AI iPad App

Embracing Change – AI iPad App

BY Michelle McQuaid

Why Use This Tool?

Are there things you wish you could change in your life – your job, aspects of your relationships, ways to use your talents and passions more, or a whole new journey? Let’s face it, finding the courage and confidence to make significant changes can be hard. But what if it didn’t need to be?

The Embracing Change iPad App has been developed by positive strategist, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel as an easy-to-use and interactive step-by-step guide to help you develop your leadership capacities, improve your personal and professional relationships, and become clearer and more confident about making positive changes to bring out the best in you and others around you.

By focusing on your strengths – those things you are good at and enjoy doing – this App will enable you recognize, value and grow your best assets, referred to as your ‘positive core’. Grounded in the science of appreciative inquiry – which advocates that every action we take is preceded by a question – you’ll develop insights into your life through the questions posed, and the built in notepad means you can save your reflections to help you keep on track with the changes you want to make.

The questions in this tool are based on the 4-D Appreciative Inquiry cycle and will help you to:

  • Discover – when you are at your best, the high points of your experiences of change, and what you valued in yourself and others when dealing with previous changes in your life.
  • Dream – imagine your best possible future in as much detail as you can, what will it be like, what strengths will you be using, what are the three things you wish most want to see happen.
  • Design – find ways to turning your dream into reality by developing your own practical strategies to help you plan and organize the changes you want to make.
  • Destiny –focus you on your positive core to sustain your new way forward.

How To Get The Tool?

You can read more about the tool from Robyn’s website*.

What Have Researchers Found?

Since its introduction in the mid-80s, Appreciative Inquiry practice has been growing in popularity and used extensively as an effective alternative to the more traditional deficit-based approaches of managing change. The ‘appreciative’ in Appreciative Inquiry recognizes that we all have things that work well, that make us feel alive, energized, valued and excited, and we can build on this positive core to dream of what might be, and create positive changes in our lives. The ‘inquiry’ guides us with questions that enable us to discover our stories, our positive core and then explore new possibilities and potentials.

Want to find out more about how appreciative inquiry can change your life? Check out my free e-book here.


*Please note we receive no commission on this tool, and are sharing it as we believe it gives valuable insights and tools to help discovering and using your positive core to manage change.

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