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Are Employees Wired To Be Selfish?

Does your workplace seem like survival of the fittest? Where limited resources and opportunities mean you need to be always looking for the competitive edge? And if you don’t play the politics right you could be voted out at any moment?

Traditionally building competitive cultures and pitting people against each other has been considered the heartbeat of a successful business, and the very idea that you might reward people for helping each others was generally considered as ‘soft’. But what if you could be more successful by being less competitive and being more generous?

I recently asked Professor Wayne Baker from the University of Michigan about how the relationships and cultures we build in our workplaces can impact on the outcomes we achieve. His research has found that creating giving cultures – where people help and support each other – is much more likely to fuel our professional and personal success.

But would this true in even the most traditional, dog-eat-dog workplace cultures? Want to know what Wayne’s discovered about our capacity to be inherently generous or selfish? Discover my a-ha moment from our conversation in this short video.

Or listen to my full podcast with Wayne.

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