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      Melanie Gentles

      Hi all,

      Hopefully someone will pick this up as I know we finished the Education Lab Fast Track last month.

      I just wanted some advice. I have stated implementing the PERMAH model into my school. I started with an INSET session (introducing the PERMAH model) followed a couple of weeks later with a TWILIGHT session (focussing on Engagement and linking it to our CPD programme) which were both compulsory. I have a working group around me of 8 people who are really interested in their wellbeing and promoting wellbeing throughout school, alongside a tailored programme to suit the needs of our school. Staff are in the process of taking the Workplace Wellbeing survey and I’m excited to get those results back, sharing them with the staff body and planning our next steps.

      As I don’t want to ‘push’ wellbeing into the faces of those who aren’t interested I am running some optional half hour sessions in the evening for those who would like to take control of their wellbeing. The first one was last night. In total 14 people attended. 8 were from the working group, 2 SLT members so that means 4 members of staff opted to join us ‘because they wanted to’. Hopefully next week there will be more attendees.

      I’m reaching out to see if anyone has any ideas regarding staff engagement. Wellbeing is something that staff appear to want however encouraging them to be responsible for their wellbeing seems the biggest challenge. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.



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