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    • Working with Stress

      What is your go to stress response? How do you work through this?

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      Andra Costache

      My automatic stress response is to fall into overwhelm. I am now trying to change this by taking a few mindful deep breaths and reminding myself what Kelly McGonigal is teaching – that stress is my body’s way of telling me there is something happening that matters to me. After I manage to activate my parasympathetic nervous system through deed breathing, I will start celebrating by singing silently to myself “We are the champions” 🙂

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      Yvonne Wood

      Hi Kylie – great question – and one of those that I had not thought to ask before.

      Andra, interesting observation about falling into overwhelm, for me I notice that it is more the physical response where I seem to slump or curl into myself…. with the sound effect of arrgh…!

      So I am trying to play with this, I notice when I sit up tall I cannot make the same sound effect. I am reaching for my essential oils and have chosen “clary sage” for this, inhaling makes me become centered and aware of my posture and I am chanting a little mantra “clear eyes & be wise” to play on the old use of the herb and the ‘sage’ definition to encourage and support myself!

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      I find stress as a good thing.

      A form of that is if i am not nervous before a presenation, I am not taking it seriously enough. No matter how many times before i have done the same presentation.

      I feel I get the best out of myself when under stress and sometimes need some stress to get the best result

      “I think a certain amount of stress in life is good. The stress of just working, which takes effort – I think it keeps you going.”  Anthony Hopkins



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