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Why Do Great Leaders Ask These Four Questions?

Researchers have found that every action we take, is preceded by a question. Yet in my experience most of us are so busy just trying to keep up with the tasks we need to complete, that we’re completely oblivious to the questions we’re asking.

So when I recently interviewed Professor Robert Quinn from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan I was intrigued to hear that his research has found there are four simple questions that can us, and the people around us, from a normal state of fear to an elevated state of purpose at work. He suggests that before undertaking any activity we should be asking:

  1. What result do I want to create?
  2. Am I internally directed?
  3. Am I other-focused?
  4. Am I externally open?

Why might these questions be so powerful? Discover my a-ha moment from my conversation with Robert in this short video.

Or listen to my full podcast with Robert.

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