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Do You Need A Happiness Hack?

Do You Need A Happiness Hack?

BY Michelle McQuaid

Is trying to be happier wearing you out? What most people don’t know is that our brains aren’t well designed to make happiness an easy outcome.

You see researchers have discovered your head is hard-wired with a “negativity bias”. Designed to ensure your survival when life depended on being able to spot and quickly respond to threats like saber-tooth tigers, today this bias means you’re incredibly quick to spot and try to fix all the things that are – or even just might – be going wrong in your life.

The problem with this approach is even if you manage to fix all the problems in your life, the absence of misery doesn’t guarantee happiness. It just ensures less misery.

So is it possible to train your brain to find the things that make you happy and build on these?

Can You Hack Happiness?

Stella Grizont, the Founder and CEO of WOOPAAH, a company dedicated to helping organizations and individuals flourish, decided it was time to put happiness within the reach of more people and has launched an online course called “The Science of Happiness: Hacks & Skills To Flourish”.

So exactly how do you hack happiness?

Stella explains a hack takes evidence-based strategies for happiness and transforms them into small, every day activities that are fun and easy to apply. This way rather than simply learning information, people have a chance to embody the changes and play with the best way to apply it in their own lives.

From understanding your emotions better, dealing with negativity, making meaning out of struggle, getting truly engaged in your work and life, deepening your relationships and finding purpose, Stella tries to find ways to train your brain to balance out it’s negativity bias so you can flourish more consistently.

So what are the hacks that will have the most impact on your happiness? In this episode of Chelle McQuaid TV, Stella shares what people in her course have been discovering.

Happiness Hacks That Help You Flourish

Two of Stella’s favorite happiness hacks are:

  • Using Gratitude As A Gateway – Our negativity bias makes it easy to focus on all things we don’t have in our lives, but gratitude is a gateway emotion to more positivity. Finding ways to tune in and appreciate more of what you have is an easy way to start boosting your levels of happiness.
  • Make Meaning Out Of Struggle – Finding a way to weave a story of growth through even the toughest times helps us find peace with trauma and struggle. By asking what have we learned and what value can be gained we can connect these difficult experiences to a sense of purpose.

There are over 20 hacks as part of Stella’s course so part of the journey to feeling more happy is finding the hacks that will work best for you.

You can access Stella’s course at Udemy HERE and receive a 50% discount (just $48 instead of $97) if you’re ready to hack your happiness. To be clear I receive no money if you buy Stella’s course, I just think it’s a wonderful resource to help you move from functioning to flourishing.

Do you have a favorite happiness hack?

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