How We Playfully Create Change

10 Things To Know About Our Company.


We Do This Because We Want To Make The World Better

Yes we know that’s a big statement for a small Australian start up. But we truly believe that we can make a difference and this is what drives our hunger for learning, fuels our passion for practical applications, and gets us out of bed each morning.



We Believe There Is Greatness Inside of Each of Us

No we’re not naive. We know that people have the capacity to do bad things, but we also truly believe that there is greatness to be found in each of us when we have the knowledge, skills and support to truly feel respected, valued and appreciated.



We’re Here To Create Lasting Positive Changes

We don’t want to just teach you about the latest research, we want to help you find tested, practical ways to create lasting positive changes that bring out the best in you and others.



We’re Realistic About The Short-Comings Of Research

Don’t get us wrong, we pride ourselves on taking an evidence-based approach to wellbeing at work but we also think it’s important you understand that even the best research only tells us what works for some of the people, some of the time. We want to help you become an intelligent consumer of wellbeing practices by using the research to accelerate your understanding and thinking, but never blindly accepting findings as absolute truths.



We Want To Help You Play More

It’s our heartfelt hope that the research, practices and tools we share help spark your curiosity, ignite your creativity and fire you up to play more when it comes to figuring out what enables you to more consistently flourish. We are built to play and built through play.



We’re Here To Help You

Not only do we challenge ourselves to do no harm, every day we look for ways to genuinely be of help. We exist to be of service to you. We try to bake this into everything we create, everything we communicate, and everything we deliver to you. Please tell us whenever we miss the mark.



We Practice An Abundance Mindset

We’ve learnt this can be easy to say and hard to do. We do our very best to provide high-quality, free content, that genuinely helps as many people as we can possibly reach. We invite you to steal with pride anything you believe can help somebody else, and if you’d like to credit us as the source we’d be most grateful.



We Don’t Believe We Have It All Figured Out

Some days we think it would be nice if we did, but then we remember how much we love learning (even when the lessons are hard). From the research we share, to the practices we suggest, the tools we create and the way we operate we maintain a growth mindset at all times. We’re not afraid of a challenge, we welcome healthy debate, we willingly learn from criticism, and we own our failures as teachable moments. Feel free to help us get better at anytime.



We Value Each Other

We understand that we’re all connected and that what one person does impacts the rest of us. We know that in order for us to succeed as individuals, we need other people, our communities, our friends and our families. We value our relationships highly and do our best to help build and contribute to a tribe of people who are individually and collectively committed to human flourishing.



We are kind to one another

We are kind. Plain and simple! It’s what makes the world go round.