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Where Job Crafting Goes Wrong

Do you struggle to get your employees engaged and energized when it comes to their work? Are your people just working to live, rather than living to work? And what impact is this having on the goals you’re trying to achieve?

Let’s face it managing people is hard. It would be nice if you could really treat people like machines, but the reality is that when people aren’t interested, motivated or happy at work their performance usually suffers. So what can leaders do to bring out the best in their teams?

I recently asked Jessica Amortegui, Senior Director of Learning and Development at Logitech and 2016 University of Michigan Positive Business Project winner about the workshops she’s been running with Logitech employees to align their interests and strengths with what they do each day through job crafting. As the research suggests Jessica has found this an easy and practical way to create opportunities for people to feel more engaged, fulfilled, effective and happy at work.

Jessica cautioned however that when employees didn’t really believe they had control over what they did in their jobs, they were understandably left feeling irritable and grumpy. She discovered this could be avoided, provided organizations and leaders take a second important step.

Want to know what she did? Discover my a-ha moment from our conversation in this short video.

Or listen to my full podcast with Jessica.

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