When it comes to people’s ability to feel good and function effectively in your workplace, how are they doing? If you’re like most of the organizations we speak to, you probably feel like the results are pretty mixed. Some individuals are doing really well. Some teams are outstanding and some teams are clearly struggling. And at an organizational level, understanding the impact of strategic decisions on people’s wellbeing is not usually understood until things aren’t going so well. We get it. We’ve worked alongside enough leadership, human resources and wellbeing teams to know that measuring whether your people are flourishing, functioning or flailing can be challenging. And as a result it’s hard to shape and connect the different opportunities across your workplace to truly improve people’s wellbeing. That’s why we partnered with Dr. Peggy Kern and Insync Surveys to create the Organizational Wellbeing Index. Based on Professor Martin Seligman’s theory of wellbeing the survey measures individual, team and organizational outcomes for the:
  • Frequency of heartfelt positive emotions
  • Opportunities for engagement in work
  • Presence of positive relationships
  • Sense of meaning and purpose
  • Ability to accomplish what matters
It then explores the impact these factors are having on employee engagement, levels of productivity and safety across the workplace. Packaged with all the technical support you’ll need to ensure employees can confidently and anonymously answer the questions, this carefully designed survey takes just minutes for your people to complete online. Results are then delivered in both a PDF and online reporting tool so you can explore the insights gathered by different teams, roles and length of employment. Dr. Peggy Kern and Dr. Michelle McQuaid present your final report, so together you can explore:
  • How your organization compares to others for wellbeing trends.
  • The outliers – your bright stars and those finding it hard – and what can be learned about wellbeing that is unique to your workplace.
  • What the insights mean practically when it comes to improving wellbeing across your staff.
We are in the process of building benchmark data to enable industry comparisons, so during our pilot period the Organizational Wellbeing Index can be purchased for 300 (or more) staff for just AUD$7,000. But hurry this is for a limited time. Simply let us know what you need.