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Our Partners

We love doing cool stuff with cool people.

So we’re honored to have the opportunity to partner with some amazing thought leaders, change makers, and community builders. Together it’s our heartfelt hope to provide you with tested, practical ways to move from functioning to flourishing at work so you can better navigate the incredible challenges and opportunities our world faces.

We’re always looking for abundant-minded, heart-centered, research-focused partners who want to make a positive difference in the world together. If you have an idea for how we can play together, please contact us here.



Michelle McQuaid Partners
Michelle McQuaid Partners

Our Associates

We are incredibly fortunate to work alongside some of the most insightful researchers, experienced practitioners and creative teachers in the world. Having studied with positive psychology world leaders, worked in organizations across different industries and driven lasting positive change, they are masters at fusing evidenced-based practices with business realities.

You’ll find their work featured throughout our site. You’ll hear them speak at our pop-up events and on webinars. And you can have them teach any of our topics in your workplace. For more background on each of our associates, just click on their photo.


Elise Morris

Having spent over 20 years working in large organizations Elise believes wholeheartedly that other people matter and when we live and lead from this perspective we allow ourselves and others to unlock latent potential and the ability to thrive and flourish. A facilitator, coach and a disruptor of conventional leadership and people management practices, Elise teaches the principles of positive psychology and how to effectively integrate these principles into individual, organisational and community contexts.

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Garry Davis

Garry’s corporate career included more than a decade in executive HR and OD roles in the public and private sectors. His innate curiosity for human behavior fueled constant self-development, helping him identify his passion: The fields of neuroscience and psychology; and how they help organizations drive engagement, well-being, culture change and performance. His subsequent work in leadership development and applied positive psychology has been recognized at the Australian Psychological Society Workplace Excellence Awards and the Positive Business Awards at University of Michigan. Garry holds a variety of accreditations and has recently completed the Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology at Melbourne University.
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Lyndall Duggdale

Lyndall has over two decades of experience in training, facilitation and organisation transformation with previously disadvantaged communities, training facilitators, coaching staff, enabling executive decision making and facilitating change both locally and internationally. Dedicated to enabling individuals to assess their strengths and develop growth strategies for health, wellbeing and collaborative team environments, Lyndall’s energy and passion ensure that her workshops are fun while remaining action orientated and relevant.
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Beck Melville

Beck Melville

Beck is an experienced facilitator, speaker, strengths coach and leadership consultant providing innovative, evidence based solutions that can be customised for organisations, teams & individuals. Her natural style translates into flexible facilitation. She creates a safe space for expression, exchange of ideas and learning which enables people to step outside their comfort zones in order to grow both personally and professionally.
Beck is creative, authentic, an avid story teller and particularly focussed on drawing on the knowledge in the room to enhance the participant’s experience whether they are attending a workshop, a conference or a coaching clinic. Her unwavering belief that small actions can have a big impact combined with her personal mantra of ‘Be happy, be kind, be grateful’ are apparent in her work and evident in the way she turns up!
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Jo Murray

Jo has extensive experience in learning and development facilitation including the design, development and implementation of impactful leadership development solutions. She is particularly interested in the concept of Psychological Capital and the role that leaders and organizations can play in positively impacting the wellbeing of employees through authentic, people-centered approaches to leadership and employee engagement. Jo enjoys working directly with leaders and groups – she is an engaging and thought provoking workshop facilitator with over 25 years experience working with groups at all levels in organizations and has designed, developed and conducted numerous programs in areas including leadership practices, performance management, talent management, sales management, team building, effective business consulting and high performance coaching.

Jo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Graduate Diploma in Business (majoring in Human Resource Development) and a Master of Business (Performance Management thesis) and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. Jo also holds accreditation for a number of diagnostic instruments including MBTI™, DiSC®, TMS instruments and SPQ Gold™. Jo also has a Certificate IV in Business Coaching. She is a Chartered Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has held directorships for over 10 years.

Michelle McQuaid Partners

Margie Warrell

Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as “an international authority on courageous action” Margie gets to the heart of what holds people and organizations back. An ICF master certified coach and keynote speaker, the titles of her three bestselling books Stop Playing Safe, Find Your Courage and Brave, reflect her passion for helping people expand their vision, rethink risk and engage in bigger conversations to create better outcomes.

Margie is a lecturer for graduate students at Georgetown and Columbia Universities.

Drawing on her background in Fortune 500 business, psychology and extensive experience working with diverse organizations around the globe – from NASA to American Express, Microsoft to Marriott Hotels – Margie has run thousands of highly interactive and engaging programs focused on helping people build the courage, resilience and high trust relationships necessary to thrive in our increasingly accelerated, cautious and competitive world. As mother of four teenagers, Margie walks her talk when it comes to living bravely having stepped out of her own comfort zone countless times since leaving her parents small farm in rural Victoria. Most recently, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with her kids in tow!
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Paige Williams

Paige Williams is a positive change solutionary using the science of wellbeing to create sustainable positive change with individuals, with organizations and at scale.

Drawing from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership and change and over 15 years international business leadership experience, Paige helps organization leaders find strategic solutions to complex challenges by creatingclear, practical, evidence-based solutions to accelerate positive change, foster wellbeing and achieve strategic goals.

A lecturer with the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne, Paige has completed her PhD examining change pathways and processes that create wellbeing at work. She also has post-graduate studies in change management and is a Master Trainer in positive psychology having trained with Prof. Martin Seligman.

Paige is passionate about creating sustainable positive change with performance impact and helping individuals, organizations and communities discover their strengths and realize their capacity to flourish and thrive.

Homaira Kabir

Having lived internationally and worked with hundreds of women around the world, Homaira is passionate about helping women build their inner self so they show up with courage, wisdom and compassion in their lives and at work.

Deeply knowledgeable on the construct of authentic self-esteem (as part of her research), she integrates its components in her work with individuals and with organizations. And because she believes in the power of feminine qualities in initiating positive change in our complex and chaotic world, her work is underpinned by systemic thinking, relationship building and deep inner connection.

She draws on multiple scientific fields to support her work, and incorporates a variety of practices towards an integrative approach that nurtures the whole self. Her greatest strength lies in her ability to take head, heart and hands together in the journey towards success and wellbeing.

She currently lives in Muscat, Oman and is one of the very few positive psychology practitioners in the Middle East region. She offers online courses, and runs workshops and keynote presentations on a variety of women, work and wellbeing related topics. She is also a writer, an artist and a busy mother to four teenagers, through whom she grows and finds inspiration every day.



Our Friends & Collaborators

We get out of bed each day looking for ways to put the research and practices we’ve found so valuable into the hands of anyone it may help. We’re always looking for ways to make our work as accessible and affordable as possible. Our like-minded, generous friends and collaborators who help share our content into the world aid our efforts hugely. For each of them we are truly thankful.

If you’d like to learn more about their wonderful work and discover other tested, practical ways you can move from functioning to flourishing at work, simply click on their logos.