Thursday 18th July
From 1pm-4pmWHERE?
Eureka Room 1
Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre
South Wharf, Melbourne

$147 per person
Seats are limited.

PERMAH Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

Do you want to help more people thrive in workplaces?

If you’d find it valuable to:

  • Get free access to one of the world’s leading tools to measure individual and team wellbeing at work.
  • Discover why creating a common language that gives permission for thriving and struggle should be the first step in any wellbeing program.
  • Learn how you can playfully and responsibly teach and coach busy people to improve their wellbeing and resilience.
  • Take a sneak peek inside a practical, evidence-based PERMAH toolbox that features small, every day actions for workers and teams.

Then this one-time-only workshop is for you.

Join Dr. Peggy Kern and Dr. Michelle McQuaid as they lift the lid on their latest research and practices for improving wellbeing in workplaces.

They’ll be sharing:

  • The latest findings from their global analyses of workplace wellbeing and why they have found that struggle is just as important as thriving.
  • The globally sought PERMAH training approach and materials they deliver in schools and organizations of all sizes.
  • How they use group coaching to amplifying the effectiveness of training and create affordable and scalable results.

You’ll walk away:

  • Having seen and being able to use the free PERMAH Workplace Survey with your own clients.
  • Inspired and equipped with playful and effective PERMAH teaching activities and tools.
  • Confident and able to create group coaching wellbeing circles.
  • With the opportunity to continue picking Michelle’s brain on how to improve wellbeing in workplaces.

But hurry places are limited. Grab your seat now for this half-day workshop in Melbourne.

Thursday 18th July
From 1pm-4pmWHERE?
Eureka Room 1
Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre
South Wharf, Melbourne

$147.00 per person
Seats are limited.

About The Speakers

Dr. Peggy Kern
is a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Positive Psychology within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Originally trained in social, personality, and developmental psychology, Peggy received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, a masters and PhD in social/ personality psychology from the University of California, Riverside, and postdoctoral training from the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked directly with many of the leaders in positive psychology, including Martin Seligman, Angela Duckworth, George Vaillant, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ryan Niemic, and Felicia Huppert, among others.Her research examines the question of who flourishes in life (physically, mentally, and socially), why, and what enhances or hinders healthy life trajectories. Her studies include well-being measurement; big data approaches to psychological study; and long data approaches for testing sophisticated theories of psychosocial processes underlying health and wellbeing over time. She has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles and chapters.

Dr. Michelle McQuaid
is a best-selling author, workplace wellbeing teacher and playful change activator. With more than a decade of senior leadership experience in large organizations around the world, she’s passionate about translating cutting-edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience, into practical strategies for health, happiness, and business success.An honorary fellow at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education, she blogs for Psychology Today, Huffington Post and Live Happy and her work has been featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Boss Magazine, The Age and more.

She holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently completing her PhD in Appreciative Inquiry under the supervision of David Cooperrider.

Michelle lives to help people discover their strengths, move beyond their fears, and finally discover what it truly takes to flourish with confidence.

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Date Time Venue
18th July 2019 1pm Eureka Room 1, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, Melbourne


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