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How To Be A Positive Leader Podcast Series

Hear the world’s leading positive leadership experts, including Kim Cameron, Gretchen Spreitzer and Amy Wrzesniewski. In this podcast series share how small actions can have a big impact on bringing out the best in people at work. Discover how to craft jobs people love, cultivate positive identities, practice ethical leadership, and cultivate virtuous workplaces.

How To Be Engaged, Energized & Happy At Work Podcast Series

Hear the world’s leading strengths experts, including Alex Linley, Shane Lopez, and Robert Biswas-Diener. In this podcast series share how to do more of what you do best each day (and help others do the same). Discover what great managers do differently, how to deal with your weaknesses, and how to avoid overplaying or underplaying your strengths at work.

How To Flourish At Work & In Life Podcast Series

Hear the world’s leading positive psychology experts, including David Cooperrider, Tal Ben Shahar, Jonathan Haidt, Richie Davidson, and Lea Waters. In this podcast series share their latest scientific findings and research-based applications for human flourishing.  Discover how to work with your brain, be a strengths-based parent, build positive institutions, and create lasting change.

IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology Podcast Series

Hear the world’s leading positive psychology experts, including Martin Seligman, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Angela Duckworth, George Bonnano and Jeffrey Auerbach give a sneak peek into their presentations for the IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology in 2017. Discover how happiness interventions work, why grit isn’t everything, the danger of being too strengths-focused and how to measure wellbeing.

Making Positive Education Work Podcast Series

In partnership with the International Positive Education Network and AI Practitioner Journal, Professors David Cooperrider and Lindsey Godwin join me as we interview the leading researchers and practitioners from around the world about how positive education can be introduced and embedded in schools, across communities, and throughout entire countries using Appreciative Inquiry.

PERMAH Workplace Survey

Are you looking for tested, practical ways to improve your wellbeing? The PERMAH Workplace Survey was created to help you set, measure and celebrate your wellbeing goals, all at the touch of a button. Choose from more than 200 positive psychology interventions to create a personal wellbeing plan that makes it possible to consistently flourish.

Doing More Of What You Do Best eBook

Do you have a chance to do what you do best each day at work? This eBook gives you a practical, evidence-based guide to developing people strengths – those things you’re good at, and enjoy doing. Learn how to identify, activate, and build your strengths individually or in teams.

The Change Lab 2019 Workplace Survey

Can you create organizational changes and improve your people’s wellbeing at the same time? Discover what more than 1,000 working Americans told us about their most successful workplace change experiences and the practical ways you can apply these insights in your workplace in this free report.

The Strengths Lab 2019 Workplace Survey

In 2019, The Strengths Lab Workplace Survey asked a representative sample of 1000 American workers to tell us if, how, and why, they were able to put their strengths to work each day. Find out how you can apply the simple best practices we uncovered to improve engagement, performance, and wellbeing in your workplace.

The Wellbeing Lab 2018 Workplace Survey

What works best when it comes to improving workers’ wellbeing? We wanted to find out, so we partnered with Dr Peggy Kern at Melbourne University and the Australian HR Institute to survey over 1,000 Australians representing the working population. What they told us has forever changed the way we will measure and manage wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Lab 2020 Workplace Survey

Are your people struggling to navigate the upheavals of coronavirus and economic downturn? Discover how workers and workplaces are managing to thrive, even during these challenging times, in our free hot-off-the-research-desk Wellbeing Lab 2020 Workplace Survey, conducted with the Australian HR Institute and Dr. Peggy Kern from the University of Melbourne.

The Appreciative Inquiry Business Case

Are you able to confidently create positive changes in your workplace? Used by organizations around the world, Appreciative Inquiry is a strengths-based approach to improving creativity, collaboration, productivity, and profitability in teams and workplaces. How? This free, fully cited business case gives you all the case-studies and evidence you need.

How To Move From Functioning To Flourishing eBook

Despite your best intentions, finding the time and energy to look after your own wellbeing can be challenging. This free eBook gives you tested, practical steps for flourishing based on Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMA theory of wellbeing. It includes an easy-to-apply guide to create small, daily wellbeing habits that can be fitted into even the busiest days.

2015 Strengths At Work Survey

Fifteen years ago only 2 out of every 10 employees said they had an opportunity to do what they do best each day. So in 2015, we commissioned an independent survey to discover if anything had changed. Find out why we believe employees are driving a strengths revolution in many workplaces and how organizations can harness this energy to improve performance.

Can A Question Change Your Life eBook

Let’s face it: creating changes that last can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be. This free eBook gives you a step-by-step guide to applying Appreciative Inquiry (a strengths-based framework for change) to build on the true, the good, and the possible for yourself, others, teams, and entire workplaces based on my studies with Professor David Cooperrider.

Lead Like A Woman – Book Chapter

This book teaches women how to flex their mindsets and leverage their feminine traits so they can step into their power. If you’re a woman who needs a roadmap to create the life and career you long for (or you’re a leader looking for ways to help women succeed), this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

The Strengths Business Case

Can your people name their top five strengths? Are your leaders having the right conversations with their people? Over 20 million people have completed a strengths survey, and more people than ever before now have the opportunity to do what they do best each day at work. What’s making this change possible? This free, fully-cited business case gives you all the case-studies and evidence you need to learn the benefits of a strengths-based focus in the workplace.

Wellbeing Business Case

In its simplest form, wellbeing is your ability to consistently feel good and function effectively, and a growing body of research suggests it holds the key to improving employee engagement, safety, and productivity.  Why?  In this free, fully cited business case for wellbeing in the workplace, you’ll find all the evidence you need.