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Podcast with Thea O'Connor

How Do You Beat The Afternoon Slump? Podcast with Thea O’Connor

Thea O’Connor is a senior workplace wellbeing advisor, presenter, journalist, and coach. Thea has more than 20 years experience in the health sector, including her background as a dietitian and workplace health consultant, she is the founder of Nap Now and a committed nap-tivist.

In this week’s episode, Thea O’Connor explains why we need to raise people’s levels of body intelligence at work and the simple steps workplaces can take to help workers connect, listen, and respond to their bodies wellbeing needs as they go about their jobs.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [02:01] – Thea explains why improving people’s levels of body intelligence is an essential step for maintaining our wellbeing at work.
  • [04:52] – Thea provides some tips on how we can connect, listen, and respond better at work to what our bodies need to maintain our levels of energy.
  • [08:02] – Thea helps us to understand the importance of having a wellbeing rhythm in our days.
  • [09:45] – Thea explains the difference between our bodies circadian rhythm and ultradian rhythm and how we can manage these at work.
  • [12:21] – Thea shares the latest research on how chronotypes (body clocks) can influence people’s wellbeing and productivity at work.
  • [15:14] – Thea shares some examples of how teams can help look after each other’s physical wellbeing at work.
  • [17:23] – Thea explains how multitasking can undermine our wellbeing and performance at work and how we can break this bad habit.
  • [19:53] – Thea shares why she believes nap breaks should be the new coffee breaks in workplaces and how we can implement this practically.
  • [24:17] – Thea completes the Lightning Round.

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