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Can You Unlock The Leader Within?

Can You Unlock The Leader Within?

Podcast with Halla Tómasdóttir

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Halla Tómasdóttir is the CEO of the B Team, a group of courageous business and civil society leaders working together to transform business for a better world. Halla started her leadership career in corporate America, working for Mars and Pepsi-Cola. She was on the founding team at Reykjavik University, where she established the executive education department, founded and led a successful women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment initiative, and was an assistant professor at the business school. She was the first female CEO of the Iceland Chamber of Commerce and later went on to co-found an investment firm with a vision to incorporate feminine values into finance. The company successfully survived the infamous economic meltdown in Iceland, and in 2016, Halla was an independent candidate for the president of Iceland, where she entered a crowded field of candidates and finished as the runner-up with nearly 30% of the vote.

In this week’s episode, we explore why we need to throw out the old leadership playbooks and unleash the authentic and principled leaders that can be found within each of us.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [03:04] – Halla shares why she is on a quest to empower and inspire authentic, gender-balanced, and principal leadership.
  • [08:39] – Halla explains why so many leaders remain stuck in a crisis of conformity despite the scientific and business evidence that supports authentic, gender-balanced, and principled leadership.
  • [12:38] – Halla offers some practical tips to help us unlock the leader inside ourselves, regardless of our job title.
  • [19:29] – Halla explains why we need to broaden our definition of success in order to create thriving organizations.
  • [26:28] – Halla shares her hopes for what might be possible after the global pandemic if leaders were ten times bolder in how they led and the impact this could have on workplace wellbeing.
  • [32:44] – Halla shares how Reset Dialogues can help our workplaces and communities be braver, bolder, and more integrated as we create a healthier and more successful future.
  • [38:21] – Halla begins the lightning round!

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