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Five Ways To Make Your Team Happier

Podcast with Nic Marks

DELIVERED BY The Wellbeing Lab

Nic Marks was once described as a statistician with a soul, due to his unusual combination of hard statistical skills and softer people skills. Nic’s been working in the field of happiness, wellbeing, and quality of life for over 25 years, with a particular emphasis on measurement and how to create positive change. Nic and his colleagues created the Five Ways to Wellbeing for the UK government office of science, and he’s the founder of Friday Pulse, who has worked with over one thousand organizations and teams measuring and improving their happiness at work.

In this week’s episode we discover the five evidence-based approaches teams can playfully experiment with as they head back to the office to improve their resilience and wellbeing.

Connect with Nic Marks:

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:45] – Nic explains how we can differentiate happiness and wellbeing in our workplaces
  • [06:08] – Nic outlines the business case for investing in employee wellbeing.
  • [07:23] – Nic outlines the five evidence-based ways we can improve the wellbeing and resilience of teams at work.
  • [09:56] – Nic provides an example of how we can make hybrid working arrangements fairer for teams.
  • [11:42] – Nic shares how leaders can help their teams strike the right balance of learning and challenge without burning people out.
  • [12:56] – Nic explains why encouraging teams to playfully experiment as they work can boost psychological safety, creativity, and innovation.
  • [17:19] – Nic shares how we can optimize meaning and purpose in our teams without creating passion fatigue for workers.
  • [19:27] – Nic shares some suggestions on how teams can set healthy boundaries as they work together.
  • [22:16] – Nic shares insights from the new World Happiness reports on the impact that COVID has had on worker wellbeing.
  • [24:52] – Nic enters the lightning round…

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