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Podcast with David Cooperrider

David Cooperrider On A New Model For Change

Today’s Guest

My guest today is David Cooperrider, renowned for his research in appreciative inquiry, a strength-based approach to creating change.


Twitter: @Dlc6David

In this interview, you will hear how appreciative inquiry is being used to build a better world. David explains how organizations can align strengths in ways that make the system’s weaknesses irrelevant. He also shares how individuals and organizations can use this life-centric approach to go through the steps of his new P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E change model.

This interview was produced in partnership with the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and the 3rd Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology.

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– David explains the basics of appreciative inquiry
  • [4:52] – What you and your organization can gain from this positive change approach
  • [5:27] – Rethinking our approach to change.
  • [7:05] – Step P – Positive re-framing
  • [9:30] – Step O – Omni search and bringing in all of the strengths at every level
  • [10:50] – Step S – Strengthen the strengths
  • [12:28] – Step I – Imagining our future
  • [14:40] – Steps T & I – Translate and improvise
  • [16:30] – Step V – Valuing progress moments
  • [18:02] – Step E – Embedding the change and reversing our mindset on change
  • [20:50] – The lightning round with David Cooperrider
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