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Podcast with Ryan Niemiec

Ryan Niemiec on Mindfulness

Today’s Guest

My guest today is Ryan Niemiec, a leading expert in mindfulness based strengths practices. Ryan recently spoke at the Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology and in this conversation, he shares his thoughts and findings on mindfulness.

Ryan Niemiec’s website:

In this interview, you will hear Ryan’s insight into how mindfulness and strengths practices can be fused together to create positive changes in our lives, how Mindfulness Based Strength Practice (MBSP) programs are helping people around the world, and when mindfulness may not be the right approach for us.

This interview was produced in partnership with the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and the 3rd Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology.

You’ll Learn:

● [2:35] – Self-regulation and curiosity are at the core of mindfulness.
● [4:18] – Ryan shares two ways to integrate self-regulation and curiosity.
● [5:35] – Ryan explains his 8-week program, “Mindfulness Based Strength Practice” and it’s potential benefits
● [11:52] – Ryan addresses opposition to mindfulness and talks about the idea of deliberate mind-wandering.
● [13:32] – Are there some people that can’t benefit from mindfulness?
● [15:05] – New research on the development and application of character strengths.
● [18:19] – Ryan talks about bringing character strengths to our work and that leading to a “life-calling”.
● [20:00] – The lightning round with Ryan Niemiec

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