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Podcast with Jessica Amortegui

Does Job Crafting Work? Podcast with Jessica Amortegui

Today’s Guest

My guest today is Jessica Amortegui, a leading expert in positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship in organizations. Jessica is the Senior Director of Learning and Development at Logitech.

Jessica Amortegui’s website:

In this interview, you’ll hear Jessica talk about her development of a two-day workshop on positive psychology practices for her team members at Logitech. Jessica shares how she organized this workshop, including her strategy to gain management support and team buy-in. Jessica also talks with us about job crafting and the idea of “the perfect job vs. the best job for us.”

This interview was produced in partnership with the Center for Positive Organization’s Positive Business Project.

You’ll Learn:

● [2:15] – Jessica talks about need for meaningful experience in order to open people’s hearts and minds to new ways of leading.
● [4:05] – How Jessica got Logitech leadership and the team to buy into a two-day workshop course on leading through positive psychology.
● [5:50] – Jessica shares what she taught the workshop attendees to get them so enthusiastic about these new philosophies.
● [8:21] – Jessica talks about balancing the science and the experience in teaching these practices to team members.
● [10:00] – The perfect job vs. the best job for us.
● [12:18] – Jessica talks about job crafting at Logitech.
● [13:49] – Job crafting through mastery, meaning, and membership.
● [15:49] – When might job crafting might not be ideal?
● [17:51] – Management support and involvement is vital to creating system-wide change.
● [18:28] – The lightning round with Jessica Amortegui

Your Resources:

● VIA Strengths Finder Survey –
● Shawn Achor Ted Talk – “The happy secret to better work
● Simon Sinek Ted Talk –
● “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” – Chris Voss & Tahl Raz
● Center for Positive Organization’s Positive Business Project –

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