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Podcast with Garry Davis

Garry Davis on Can You Embed Positive Leadership?

Today’s Guest:

Garry Davis’ corporate career has included more than a decade in executive HR and OD roles in public and private sectors.  His work in leadership development and applied positive psychology has been recognized through various awards.  

In this conversation, you’ll hear Garry share his award-winning approach to introducing positive leadership into organizations and his tips for embedding these behaviors to create lasting changes.  Garry also shares the surprising truths he learned about organizational cynics and how to manage them through the change process.

Connect with Garry Davis:

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You’ll Learn:

  • [01:47] – Garry shares takeaways from his award-winning work.  He explains the importance of context.  
  • [05:13] – Garry explains why a one-size fits all approach may not work when considering smaller teams within an organization.  There can be different cultures with these teams.
  • [07:18] – Garry shares his award-winning case study for the introduction of positive leadership into a workplace.
  • [09:19] – After the conversation is changed, the behaviors need to be embedded. This takes time and using this company as an example, Garry talks about the time-frame to reach sustainability.
  • [13:48] – Garry talks about early adopters and laggers and the impact they can have on implementing these practices.  He draws a parallel to the movie, Toy Story.  
  • [18:03] – Garry shares what the strategy should be when it comes to the “terrorists” that don’t immediately buy in.
  • [19:56] – Garry shares that there may be companies that are not ready for positive psychology practices.
  • [21:10] – The Lightning Round with Garry Davis.

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