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Want an Energy Boost? Podcast with Elaine O'Brien

Want an Energy Boost?

Podcast with Elaine O'Brien

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Today’s Guest:

Dr. Elaine O’Brien is an educator, trainer, author, presenter, speaker, and pioneer in the Health, Exercise, and Fitness Industry, as well as a leader in the burgeoning science of Applied Positive Psychology. She is CEO of Lifestyle Medicine Coaching & Training, a consultancy, & FitDance: Move2Love providing training, presentations, and program content development around positive health, whole fitness, optimal performance, exercise and aging well through the lifespan. Elaine delivers positive exercise programming, and training protocols to help boost motivation, exercise adherence, enjoyment, and whole health and wellbeing across domains and through the lifespan. 

In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the psychology of human movement and the small steps you can take in workplaces to keep people’s bodies, hearts and minds functioning at their best.

Connect with Elaine:

Website: Elaine O’Brien (LinkedIn)

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:07] – Elaine explains the psychology of human movement and how understanding this can help to improve people’s wellbeing.
  • [06:07] – Elaine shares why workplaces are becoming more intentional in finding ways to help people move more during their days to improve our ability to learn, connect and flourish.
  • [08:22] – Elaine explains how workplaces can use energy breaks to improve people’s mood and sense of connection with each other.
  • [12:16] – Elaine shares how energy breaks can be a great opportunity for people to practice their growth mindset, develop their strengths and engage their self-compassion.
  • [14:32] – Elaine shares the latest thinking on how much movement we should be aiming for to maintain our wellbeing.
  • [16:07] – Elaine offers some tips for workplaces wanting to engage their people in their more authentic, joyful and positive movement programs.
  • [21:42] – Elaine completes the lightning round.

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