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Are You Why-Washing Your Purpose? Podcast with Zach Mercurio

Are You Why-Washing Your Purpose?

Podcast with Zach Mercurio

DELIVERED BY The Leaders Lab

Today’s Guest:

Today we’re talking to Zach Mercurio, whose research, teaching and consulting on how purpose and meaningfulness can help individuals and organizations unleash human potential to produce tangible results, has been applied to transform Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, schools, and universities around the world. Zach is the best selling author of “The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose,”

In this episode, we explore why what’s possible when purpose becomes the boss of our choices in workplaces and the practical steps you, your team and your organization can take to genuinely put meaning and purpose at the heart of what you do each day.

Connect with Zach:


You’ll Learn:

  • [01:51] – Zach explains why purpose has become a priority in workplaces over the last few years.
  • [03:48] – Zach studies are finding a focus on purpose impacts the bottom-line in workplaces.
  • [06:05] – Zach explains why-washing has become a problem in some workplaces and how we can avoid it.
  • [07:53] – Zach outlines why purpose is a process and the pathway to purpose that workplaces can follow based on his research.
  • [11:38] – Zach explains how leaders can ensure their choices and actions remain aligned to their organization’s purpose even in a dynamic, complex and unpredictable world.
  • [13:53] – Zach provides an example of how leaders can keep the purpose of their organization front-of-mind as they make decisions.
  • [17:07] – Zach explains what we can do practically to be more purpose-focused – no matter what our role – if our organization isn’t yet clear on its purpose.
  • [19:17] – Zach offers some tips to help us deliver on our organization’s purpose more consistently.
  • [24:03] – Zach completes the lightning round.

Your Resources:

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