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Is Positive Psychology Right For Every Workplace?

Is Positive Psychology Right For Every Workplace?

BY Michelle McQuaid

If you’ve ever tried to convince a business leader to introduce positive psychology practices to bring out the best in their people at work, you may have already discovered that it can be a BIG ask. Often seen as ‘happy-clappy’, ‘soft-and-fluffy’ or just a ‘nice-to-have’, rather than a ‘have-to-have’ business strategy, many leaders respond with a healthy level of cynicism and skepticism.

After all, perhaps positive psychology may not be a slam-dunk for all workplaces. The truth is, it’s still a relatively new field, and the evidence for what works is still growing and being hotly debated. And we know that introducing workplace change can be challenging and complex. So, positive psychology methods, like any other set of tools, need to respond to the local context, and have leaders who authentically believe in the process and the outcomes they are wanting to achieve.

Recently I asked Sue Langley, a global business consultant, researcher, and leading advisor for her advice on the best ways to introduce positive psychology approaches into workplaces? Should we aim for a top-down approach, bottom-up or everyone-at-once? Watch the video below to discover my a-ha moment on what Sue suggests.

Or listen to my full interview with Sue.

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