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The Power of Micro-Interventions

When it comes to helping leaders improve their people’s wellbeing where do you suggest they start? Top-down? Bottom-up? Everyone at one time? Wish you had a simple framework to help organizations figure it out and take action?

I recently asked Dr. Aaron Jarden, a senior lecturer in psychology at Auckland University of Technology and a leading organizational wellbeing researcher and consultant about the most effective way he’s found to embed wellbeing programs into workplaces. While Aaron noted that this area on which more research should be focused, he’s found the use of a simple ‘me’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ framework can be understood by anyone in an organization, from front line workers to CEOs.

Aaron’s also found that investing in micro-interventions can make a real change to workplace culture and individual wellbeing. For example, his favorite ‘me’ micro-intervention is a simple three-breath exercise to help people pause, relax and consciously get into the positive state of mind they need for the task at hand.

Want to know what else I discovered about introducing positive psychology practices to workplaces?  Discover my a-ha moments from our conversation in this short video.

Or listen to the full podcast.


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