What You’ll Learn In This Free Podcast Series

  What if you could dramatically improve your performance – and the performance of others – at work… to deliver exceptional outcomes… or even just to boost enthusiasm and engagement? What if you were able to accomplish this without enormous resources… or huge heroic gestures… or the need for anyone’s permission? What if you could see the power of possibilities… and take small steps… to consistently enable yourself, your people and your organization to flourish?

Warmest Wishes.


Day 1

  Can you craft a job you love? While the idea of employees crafting their own jobs may make most organization nervous research has found that the increased happiness this provides workers leads to improved performances for their teams. So how can you support these changes without unleashing chaos in your teams? AmyAmy Wrzesniewski is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Yale School of Management. Her research on the meaning of work has been published in a wide range of top academic journals and highlighted in several best-selling books and popular press outlets, including Time, BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, U.S. News and World Report, and The Economist. Her current research involves studying how employees shape their tasks, interactions and relationships with others in the workplace to change the meaning of the job.

Day 2

  Find out how to spark the kind of energy, learning and growth that enables you to thrive at work and how this can boost your confidence, improve your relationships and leave you feeling more satisfied with your job. Gretchen SpreitzerGretchen Spreitzer is the Keith and Valerie Alessi Professor of Management and Organizations at the Ross School of Business. Her research focuses on employee empowerment and leadership development, particularly within a context of organizational change and decline. Her most recent work is looking at positive deviance and how organizations enable employees to thrive. This work fits within a larger effort at Ross to develop a Scholarship of Positive Organizing.

Day 3

  Who are you at work? Who do others perceive you to be? Understanding how to cultivate a positive identity around your job helps you to persist in the face of adversity, generate more authentic relationships and draw on the best parts of yourself to generate new ideas and solve problems. Uncover the simple model you can use to unlock your best self and others. Laura Morgan RobertsLaura Morgan Roberts is a teacher, researcher, executive coach and organizational consultant, who helps leaders to unlock pathways for developing, sustaining and restoring positive identities at work. She is a professor in Antioch University’s Ph.D. Program in Leadership and Change and a faculty affiliate of the Center for Positive Organizations (University of Michigan). She is the author and editor of numerous books including Reclaiming your Best Self: Harnessing the Power of Positive Identities at Work and A Practical Guide to bringing your Best Self to Life.

Day 4

  Discover how to cultivate gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, honesty and hope at work so you can increase the levels of motivation, satisfaction and wellbeing for yourself and your team. Kim CameronKim Cameron is the William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations in the Ross School of Business and Professor of Higher Education in the School of Education at the University of Michigan. He is co-founder of the Center for Positive Organizations at the University of Michigan, and has served as a dean, associate dean, and department chair. His research on organizational virtuousness and other topics has been published in more than 130 scholarly articles and 15 academic books. He was recently recognized as being among the top 10 scholars in the organizational sciences whose work has been most frequently downloaded from Google.

Day 5

  Understand what it takes to be an ethical leader and how this can trigger a culturally reciprocated norm of treating each other well and behaving in ways that support the organization. David MayerDavid Mayer is an associate professor of Management and Organizations at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He is also the faculty co-director of the Center for Positive Organizations. Dave is driven to create a better world through the development of ethical organizations (and the people in those organizations). He has published over 50 articles and book chapters and his work has been featured in outlets such as Bloomberg, Fortune, HR Magazine, New York Daily News, Slate, The Atlantic, and Wall Street Journal.