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Your Leadership Blueprint

This book is your evidence-based blueprint for supercharging your team’s safety, wellbeing, and performance. Packed with over 60 evidence-based tools that you can immediately apply with your team, this step-by-step guide gives you everything you need to minimize psychosocial risks and maximize psychological safety at the individual, team, and workplace level.

Your Wellbeing Blueprint

This book is your evidence-based, step-by-step blueprint for measuring your wellbeing using Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMA framework, setting realistic wellbeing goals, and creating a personal wellbeing plan with busy-proof practices that you actually enjoy doing and will stick with! Your Wellbeing Blueprint includes over 100 wellbeing interventions to help you feel good and function more effectively at work.

Your Strengths Blueprint

This best-selling book is your evidence-based blueprint to discovering, developing, and delivering on your strengths – those things you’re good at and actually enjoy doing – at work, no matter what your job description or your boss says. Finally start doing more of what you do best each day and help others to do the same.

Your Change Blueprint

This book is your evidence-based, step-by-step review of how Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summits can be used to bring together hundreds of people to simultaneously change the way people think, feel and act to create positive changes. Featuring case studies from around the world, this book includes detailed examples of how to successfully design and deliver an AI Summit.