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The Change Lab 2019 US Workplace Report

Can you create organizational changes and improve your people’s wellbeing at the same time? Discover what more than 1,000 working Americans told us about their most successful workplace change experiences and the practical ways you can apply these insights in your workplace in this free report.

The Change Lab 2020 Australia Workplace Report

Looking for better ways to help your workplace navigate change? Discover how 39.1% of workplaces are “consistently thriving” even as they navigate an unprecedented pace of change, remote working challenges, and the constant ups and downs of the COVID-19. Click here.

The Education Lab 2020 Australia Wellbeing Report

Are your teachers and staff struggling to navigate the upheavals of constant disruption? Discover how educators in 2020 were managing to thrive, even during challenging times when it came to caring for their wellbeing.

The Leaders Lab 2020 Australia Workplace Report

Why do leaders generally report higher levels of wellbeing than their teams? And how we can help leaders pay forward their wellbeing advantages to others? Find out in this report.

The Leaders Lab 2021 Australia Workplace Report

How are Australian leaders supercharging the wellbeing and performance of their teams as they shape the “new normal” of workplaces? This report, from data collected in Australia in May 2021, shows that while some leaders are thriving with ease, almost 60% of leaders reported that they are struggling. What are leaders who are thriving doing differently? Grab your free report to learn more.

The Strengths Lab 2019 US Workplace Report

It's been nearly 20 years since the "strengths revolution" began in workplaces, but Gallup continues to report high levels of disengagement for workers. Has anything really changed? Why might taking a strengths focus require a more systemic approach across workplaces?

The Wellbeing Lab 2018 Australia Workplace Report

What works best when it comes to improving workers’ wellbeing? What we discovered in this report changed the way we measure and care for wellbeing. Find out why.

The Wellbeing Lab 2019-2021 Australia Workplace Report

As Australian workers began transiting to the ‘new normal’ of work, we were struck by the incredible levels of resilience they'd built during the global pandemic. What has helped workers to become more resilient? And importantly, how can workplaces help them to sustain these levels of resilience as the ‘new normal’ of work takes shape? Grab your free copy of the report to learn more.

The Wellbeing Lab 2020 US Workplace Report

In the midst of the global pandemic, political upheaval, and economic downturn it's hard to imagine anyone could be thriving. Yet some American workers were finding important ways to care for their wellbeing. Find out how.

The Wellbeing Lab 2021 Canadian Workplace Report

As the third wave of COVID-19 infections hit Canadian workers – most of whom had already been either working on the frontlines or working from home for more than a year – it’s hard to imagine anyone could be thriving. Yet despite the challenges and fatigue, our research in early 2021 found that a surprising number of workers were finding ways to fuel their resilience. Grab the report to find out how.

The Wellbeing Lab 2021 Educators Report

Grab The Wellbeing Lab Australia 2019-2021 Educators Report, where we uncover the levels of resilience and fatigue, as well as declining levels of trust in school management that educators are reporting. What can you do right now to support the wellbeing of educators in your schools? Find out here.

The Wellbeing Lab 2021 Michigan Community Report

Do people in your community have the skill, tools and opportunities they need to live well, even in the face of struggles? Discover how, despite economic, political, racial and health disruptions, residents of Michigan have found ways to individually and collectively care for their wellbeing from our 2021 community report. Grab your free copy to learn more.

The Wellbeing Lab March 2020 Australia Workplace Report

National bushfires, a global pandemic, and the biggest change in working conditions since the industrial revolution. How did Australian workers navigate these changes and what impact did it have on their levels of wellbeing?