AI Summit Coaching Pack

Tailored coaching to help you plan and deliver AI Summits and Workshops
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AI Summit Coaching Pack

Tailored coaching to help you plan and deliver AI Summits and Workshops

$ 1,988.00 exc. tax & delivery

As our research and practice continues finding the best AI Summit approaches around the world, we’ve had more and more people asking us for some coaching, to help them create the kind of positive changes they are longing to lead in the world.

So if you’re finding that you’d like a little extra help to either put all the pieces together for the first time – or to put your growth mindset in place and build on what you’ve learned to date – then it would be our pleasure and privilege to let you pick our brains.

Designed for your personal levels of appreciative inquiry knowledge, these 4 x 1-hour sessions can be delivered face-to-face or online and will help you define your topic, plan your agenda and activities, facilitate your summit or workshop, deliver and report, and follow up support.

Tailored for your unique needs, the coaching sessions could include:

  • Session 1: AI Refresher & Summit Purpose – Here, we would provide an overview of the 6Ds and what we will need from each of these stages to ensure a successful summit. We would also get clear on your goals for the AI Summit or workshop and help you think about a steering committee and/or champions.
  • Session 2: Pre-Summit Preparation – Here, we would work with you on defining your summit topic – what we find to be one of the most challenging and critical steps in preparing for an AI Summit – and help you start designing your session agenda, participant guide, and other essential pre-summit logistics you will need to organize.
  • Session 3: Summit Day Preparation – Here, we would work through what you will need to bring your summit to life on the day, how to ensure you collect everything you need for a post-summit report, and how to begin priming your steering committee or champions for success post-summit.
  • Session 4: Post-Summit Check-In – Here, we would address the next steps for your summit group and take the time to work through your summit experience – what worked well, what was challenging, and what took you by surprise during your summit – to ensure you have the clarity and confidence to move forward with future AI Summits.

You can even invite three other people to join these coaching sessions with you if you’re working on an AI Summit or workshops as a team.

Just click the buy now button and we’ll help you get your first session booked to get you started.

If you’ve got questions about our AI Summit Coaching, click here and we’ll be happy to answer them.