Building Psychological Safety Toolbox

Helping people work together better in your organization
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Building Psychological Safety Toolbox

Helping people work together better in your organization

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If we think about why people get tangled up, upset, or worn down at work, chances are high there’s a relationship involved somewhere. Relationships are hard, whether they’re with colleagues, clients, suppliers, or managers.

But when we stop having honest, generous conversations with each other, we stop feeling psychologically safe and our ability to speak our minds, take risks, and learn from failures suffers.

A high level of psychological safety – the belief that you won’t be punished for making a mistake – helps people to ask questions, take risks, speak their minds, and be more creative and innovative. It’s no wonder a two-year study on team performance at Google found that the highest-performing teams all had high levels of psychological safety.

In our digital Building Psychological Safety Toolbox, you’ll get everything you need to help individuals and teams:

  • Understand how everyday acts of incivility – like picking up your phone during a conversation to check your messages – can drain trust and damage relationships.
  • Embrace the required learning loop for high performance and the power of owning screw ups quickly and publicly to build a growth mindset culture together.
  • Have kind conversations – even if they are uncomfortable or awkward – that support each other’s learning and growth, rather than judging, blaming, or shaming each other.
  • Give everyone a voice by creating safe spaces where people can discover what’s working, dream of what’s possible, design pathways forward, and deploy the ideas and actions they truly care about.
  • Invest in cultures of generosity by encouraging people to be self-protective givers with strength-focused boundaries.

What’s Inside?

Here’s what you’re getting in the Cultivating Grit Toolbox:

  • A PDF eBook explaining what psychological safety is, and why it’s challenging to cultivate in workplaces.
  • A short training video explaining how to get started with improving psychological safety in your team.
  • 5 done-for-you, steal-with-pride activity guides that will help your teams have kind and honest conversations, embrace failure, and improve civility and compassion. These guides include exercises for individuals, and for teams.

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