The Positive Change Bundle

Find the true, the good, and the possible
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The Positive Change Bundle

Find the true, the good, and the possible

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Appreciative Inquiry Cards - Bundled

These beautifully designed cards, based on the work of Professor Dave Cooperrider, help people to ask questions that look for the true, the good, and the possible in our lives, our workplaces, our schools and in our larger communities. These resources have been designed to help you create AI coaching conversations, workshops, and summits.

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Your Change Blueprint - Bundled

This book is your evidence-based, step-by-step review of how Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summits can be used to bring together hundreds of people to simultaneously change the way people think, feel and act to create positive changes. Featuring case studies from around the world, this book includes detailed examples of how to successfully design and deliver an AI Summit.

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Your brain is wired with a negativity bias, which means you are good at spotting all the things that are not going well – but not so good at spotting the true, the good, and the possible, and finding ways to build upon what’s working.

Professor David Cooperrider, in an effort to help people shift away from focusing primarily on deficits, developed a strengths-oriented approach to creating lasting, positive change in our lives, in our workplaces, and the world at large.

This approach is known as appreciative inquiry.

Our best-selling book, “Your Change Blueprint: How to Design and Deliver an AI Summit,” and our evidence-based Appreciative Inquiry Cards prompt you to ask questions that will help you to:

  • Uncover the strengths people can build upon (discovery).
  • Create positive images and possibilities that pull people into action (dream).
  • Identify the pathways they can take to move forward (design).
  • Motivate people to take responsibility and take action (destiny).


What’s Inside?

Appreciative Inquiry Cards

The perfect prompt to asking more questions that look for the true, the good and the possible. These beautifully designed and printed cards include:

  • Four introductory cards that define appreciative inquiry and explain how this approach can be applied to coaching conversations, workshops, and large AI Summits to create lasting change.
  • 24 Appreciative Inquiry Cards that will give you questions to help you find the true, the good, and the possible during coaching, workshops, and summits.
  • How to use the Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny framework to learn the art of asking appreciative questions.

“Your Change Blueprint” Book

Ready to discover the true, the good, and the possible across your entire team, organization, school or community? Then this book is for you.

  • Determine if an AI Summit is the right approach to create a positive disruption in your system.
  • Leverage the best-practice 6D model that has been used by AI Summits around the world to deliver transformational changes.
  • Embed the evidence-based 12 magic mechanisms that enable an AI Summit to create long-term neurological, psychological, social and systemic changes that support individual and collective flourishing.
  • Explore AI Summit case studies from around the world, including detailed examples of how systems successfully designed pre-summit resources, delivered AI Summit events, and ensured post-summit results.

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