Strengths Leaders Toolbox: Managing For Strengths

The leader’s guide for developing people’s strengths
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Strengths Leaders Toolbox: Managing For Strengths

The leader’s guide for developing people’s strengths

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Over the last decade studies have repeatedly found the best performing leaders focus on developing their people’s strengths. Why? Because people’s strengths – the things they are good at and enjoy doing at work – represent the way their brains are wired to perform at their best.

Despite these findings, however, it seems that most leaders are still stuck wasting their time, energy and effort having the wrong conversation with their team members. The problem is not just their preoccupation with fixing people’s weaknesses, but that their attempts to show appreciation are so generic and non-specific – like “hey great job, thanks!” – that they fail to give their teams any form of actionable strengths-focused feedback.

  • Improve people’s levels of engagement, energy and effectiveness by discovering their strengths and co-creating practical development plans that can help them to do more of what they do best each day.
  • Boost people’s feelings of confidence and commitment by holding informal weekly strengths check-ins and regularly giving strengths-based feedback so they know how to intelligently develop their strengths and manage their weaknesses to achieve the business goals that have been set.
  • Turn formal performance feedback conversations from tick-the-box exercises into one of the most powerful business tools you have.
  • Compassionately and quickly address performance management challenges with kind and commercial performance management conversations that identify and address the mismatch of strengths to role responsibilities and finds a better way forward for everyone.

What’s Inside

  • A short training video detailing how you can manage people using a strengths-focused approach.
  • An introduction guide that explains the business case for a strengths-focused approach for developing your people.
  • Done-for-you templates and playsheets you can download, print, and steal with pride to help you create strengths development plans, conduct weekly strengths check-ins, give regular strengths-focused feedback, hold formal strengths performance reviews and quickly address performance management concerns through a strengths lens.

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