How To Tame A Bad Boss

Reclaim Your Confidence & Happiness At Work
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How To Tame A Bad Boss

Reclaim Your Confidence & Happiness At Work

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Is your boss stressing you out? If you answered yes, you’re not alone with three out of every four people reporting their boss is the most stressful part of their job.

Unfortunately, most of us bury our heads in a never-ending list of excuses when confronted with an unreasonable boss who thinks that yelling is the best way to communicate, micro-managing us is the only way to get things done, or taking credit for our work is perfectly okay. As a result, it takes most of us 22 months to free ourselves from a badly behaving boss.

Over this time the costs mount up. Studies find, left unchecked, a bad boss can undermine our performance, damage our health, destroy our relationships and leave us feeling depressed and anxious. But what can you do when you need your job and your boss has all the power?

The good news is that it’s not only possible to avoid being your boss’ next victim, you can find ways to make a disrespectful or inconsiderate boss one of the best learning experiences of your career. In this book, you’ll learn practical, scientifically tested tips to…

  • Discover what your boss is costing you when it comes to your performance at work, your relationships, your health and your sanity!
  • Use evidence-based approaches from the latest research in positive psychology to build the courage and confidence you need to disarm even the most difficult boss.
  • Hatch a clever plan to finally get what you want.

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