Wellbeing Blueprint Poster (Digital)

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Wellbeing Blueprint Poster (Digital)

$ 49.97 exc. tax & delivery

Wish you had an evidence-based cheat sheet to improve your wellbeing and help others to do the same? Your Wellbeing Blueprint Poster features evidence-based PERMAH interventions to help you:

  • Set wellbeing goals that build quick wins to improve your levels of energy, resilience, productivity, health, and happiness.
  • Choose a small action each week, day, or month that will make it easier to consistently thrive at work.
  • Have a beautiful wall chart for a visual wellbeing reminder keep you on track each day.

What’s Inside
Sent to you as a digital PDF file you can print the poster as many times as you like. We’ve even included two different sizes to make life easy:

  • An A1 size with more than 50 interventions included and perfect for to place in the office kitchen, team area, your study or the classroom wall. This is the perfect size to provide a Wellbeing Blueprint map.
  • An A3 size with our favorite 25 interventions from the larger poster but easier to print and place on the fridge, in front of your desk or keep in your notebook. This is the perfect size to provide a Wellbeing Blueprint cheat sheet.

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*Please note this is a digital product – you will not be sent an actual printed posted but given everything you need to print the poster as many times as you want yourself. You will receive an email and access to the materials in the membership area.


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