Your Strengths Blueprint

How to Be Engaged, Energized and Happy at Work
  • Your Strengths Blueprint

Your Strengths Blueprint

How to Be Engaged, Energized and Happy at Work


Do you have the chance to do what you do best each day at work? Have you had a meaningful conversation about people’s strengths in your team lately? Would an energizing and engaging approach to improving employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability in your company be of value right now?

Then this book is your evidence-based blueprint to discovering, developing, and delivering on people’s strengths — those things they’re good at and actually enjoy doing – at work. You see our strengths represent our patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that when exercised, can excite, engage, and energize us. They’re how our brains are wired to perform at their best.

As a result, a growing body of research reviewed in this book is finding that when it comes to our careers, developing our strengths help to improve your confidence, wellbeing and performance at work. And in teams where most people have the chance to do what they do best, studies have found they report lower turnover, increased productivity, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

While it’s never been easier to identify your strengths by taking an online assessment (the most popular ones are reviewed in this book), figuring out what you do with a strength like ‘woo’ or ‘love’ without being fired for it, does take a little more effort. So with over a decade of senior leadership experience in organizations around the world and a deep knowledge of the latest science from positive psychology, best-selling author Dr. Michelle McQuaid and her colleague Erin Lawn will show you how to:

  • Explore tested tools to help you discover what your strengths are, including a detailed breakdown of the twenty-four character strengths as outlined in the VIA Survey and how you can use these at work.
  • Create a practical step-by-step, busy proof plan to develop your strengths at work each day and start doing more of what you do best.
  • Embed a strengths-based approach for people management into your organization using templates for recruitment, performance management, and performance reviews.

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