The Uncomfortable Truths
About Psychosocial Safety

Make sure your leaders understand their new psychosocial safety responsibilities.

Have you done “everything reasonably practicable” to minimize psychosocial risks in your workplaces? The first step is making sure your leaders understand their responsibilities and have been equipped with the tools they need to confidently support their teams.

Aligned with SafeWork Australia and local legal psychosocial changes, this interactive workshop can be delivered online or in person. It can be used as a 30-minute introduction for busy boards or executive teams or expanded to a 60-minute, 90-minute or 3-hour leaders and team workshops to help everyone roll up their sleeves to tackle the crucial task of ensuring the psychosocial safety of your teams.

Your leaders will learn how to:


Keeping pace with evolving psychosocial safety legislation is no small task. But here’s the deal: when your leaders and teams speak the same language to assess the frequency, impact, and duration of psychosocial hazards, they can quickly prioritize which risks need to be addressed.

Uncomfortable truths About Psychosocial Safety


The best defense for minimizing or eliminating psychosocial risks is for leaders and teams to talk openly and honestly about any hazards they are experiencing and co-create controls everyone is bought into supporting. Our Safety Check Chat tool makes it easy for leaders to safely have these conversations with their teams.

Uncomfortable truths About Psychosocial Safety


Caring for psychosocial safety is not a ‘set-and-forget’ exercise. Encouraging leaders to embrace a learning mindset and share their struggles and best practices with each other is how their leadership skills are improved over time. While the practices of blame and shame rule your leaders, safety is never improved.

Uncomfortable truths About Psychosocial Safety

Your leaders won’t just learn about psychosocial safety; they’ll leave with practical tools to assess, control, and monitor hazards more effectively. Our slides and playbook are yours to use and share internally as you wish after the workshop. Follow-up podcasts and cheat sheets with leading researchers can also be provided.


An overview of the Uncomfortable Truths About Psychosocial Safety workshop is available.

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