Showcase Feedback Survey

Thank you for joining our showcase event today. We’d really appreciate your feedback on the showcase event and the coaching you’ve been receiving.

We promise we’ll have our growth mindsets firmly in place and be nothing but grateful for the time and insights you share.

Showcase Experience:

1. Are you glad you attended the Showcase Session? i.e was your time valuably spent to share your project and hear about the journey’s (the good bad and ugly!) and projects of other business communities who participated in this program with you?(Required)
2. Are you proud of the positive impact you have had on your business community as a result of your involvement with this program?(Required)
3. Do you think you would you have been able to achieve the same outcome/impact in your project WITHOUT the mental wellbeing training and customised mental wellbeing coaching support provided to you and your business community through the grants program(Required)
4. How much more do you know now about supporting mental health and wellbeing in your business communities than you did when you started this program?(Required)

Wellbeing Coaching: