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Certificate In Leading Psychosocial Safety & Care

Drawing on the latest psychosocial hazard codes and legislation, and the most recent mental health and wellbeing science, the Certificate provides leaders with the knowledge, tools, support, and commitment they need to lead a thriving team.

E-learning for Minimizing Psychosocial Risks

Understand your regulatory requirements and gain the knowledge and skills needed to implement the necessary plans with our two hour E-Learn training. Created by our world-leading team workplace wellbeing researchers and MinterEllison’s employment lawyers this is the essential training needed to upskill leaders to manage psychosocial hazards at work.

The Work Design Toolkit

This evidence-based digital toolkit helps leaders and team members minimize psychosocial hazards related to work design. It includes a done-for-you Dynamic Job Description Template to improve role clarity, a Job Demands Journal to navigate unachievable job demands, a Job Crafting Compassto address low job control, and a Recognition Radar & Development Review Guide to ensure adequate reward and recognition.

Your Leadership Blueprint

This book is your evidence-based blueprint for supercharging your team’s safety, wellbeing, and performance. Packed with over 60 evidence-based tools that you can immediately apply with your team, this step-by-step guide gives you everything you need to minimize psychosocial risks and maximize psychological safety at the individual, team, and workplace level.

Strengths Presentation Pack

Our Strengths Presentation Pack contains everything you need (evidence-based workshop slides, facilitator guides, playbooks, and tools) to help your teams develop their strengths, give each other strengths feedback, and avoid strengths collisions. Buy once, and use for as many teams as you need.

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Certificate In Creating Wellbeing

Delivered over 6 weeks, the Certificate includes live training classes and coaching calls with our globally sought-after coaches to put the latest wellbeing research and tools at your fingertips so you can be accredited to help others thrive, even in times of struggle.

PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Certification

Gain greater confidence and capability to provide high impact PERMAH Wellbeing Survey tool debriefs for teams, divisions and organizations. Gain deep behind the scenes knowledge of the questions, calculations, and research behind the globally renowned wellbeing tool and receive a detailed organizational debrief guide to support your efforts.

Building Psychological Safety Toolbox

Studies have found that the highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety - the belief that you won’t be punished for making a mistake. This digital toolbox gives you everything you need to improve psychology safety within your teams, including exercises for having more honest conversations, navigating failure, and increasing compassion and civility.

Cultivating Grit Toolbox

Can you learn to fall down seven times and stand up eight? Having grit – the passion and perseverance to pursue long-term goals in the face of setback, disappointments, and plateaus – is associated with higher levels of achievement, resilience, and wellbeing. This practical digital toolbox gives you everything you need to start cultivating more grit for yourself and your teams.

Wellbeing Blueprint Poster (Digital)

Our digital Wellbeing Poster is a great daily reminder of all the different evidence-based ways you can improve your wellbeing using Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH framework. Packed with over 50 small, practical, evidence-based interventions, you can use this wall chart for your school, workplace, or your home office.

Wellbeing Coach’s Toolbox

Want a step-by-step guide to coaching others to feel good and function more effectively at work? This toolbox contains everything you need – including done-for-you coaching playsheets – to fuse an appreciative inquiry approach with Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMA framework to improve people’s wellbeing at work.

Your Wellbeing Blueprint

This book is your evidence-based, step-by-step blueprint for measuring your wellbeing using Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMA framework, setting realistic wellbeing goals, and creating a personal wellbeing plan with busy-proof practices that you actually enjoy doing and will stick with! Your Wellbeing Blueprint includes over 100 wellbeing interventions to help you feel good and function more effectively at work.

Strengths Coach’s Toolbox

Do you need a step-by-step framework to help your clients develop their strengths? In this unique online toolbox, Dr. Michelle McQuaid walks you through the exact coaching framework she uses with her clients and shows you how to fuse an Appreciative Inquiry coaching approach with strengths assessment tools like the VIA Survey or Gallup StrengthsFinder to help people do more of what they do best. Filled with cheat sheets you can steal-with-pride.

Strengths Poster (Digital)

Our digital Strengths Poster is the perfect cheat sheet for the 24 VIA character strengths. Perfect for your workplace, office, or school to help you and those around you to playfully discover their neurological superpowers – the things they're good at and enjoy doing. And because this is a digital poster, you can print as many times as you like.

Your Strengths Blueprint

This best-selling book is your evidence-based blueprint to discovering, developing, and delivering on your strengths – those things you’re good at and actually enjoy doing – at work, no matter what your job description or your boss says. Finally start doing more of what you do best each day and help others to do the same.

Amplifying Wellbeing &
Resilience Series

Are you longing for more effective, easy, and evidence-based ways to care for the wellbeing of yourself and others? Look no further. The Wellbeing Lab's 8-week Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series puts micro-doses of the latest wellbeing science at your fingertips and gives you all the tools you need to immediately apply what you’ve learned to help yourself and others thrive – even when you’re struggling.

AI Summit Toolbox

Do you want to help a team, organization, school, or community create positive changes that enable people to flourish? This online toolbox gives you a how-to videos, a step-by-step guide, best practice examples, and steal-it-with-pride checklists to help you design and deliver a one-day AI Summit using the latest research in Appreciative Inquiry.


Appreciative Inquiry Poster (Digital)

Our digital Appreciative Inquiry Poster is a great daily reminder of all the different appreciative questions you can ask to uncover the true, the good and the possible. With over 20 appreciative questions organized in the 4-D appreciative inquiry cycle you can use this wall chart for your school, workplace, or your home office to ask more strengths-based questions of yourself and others.

Your Change Blueprint

This book is your evidence-based, step-by-step review of how Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summits can be used to bring together hundreds of people to simultaneously change the way people think, feel and act to create positive changes. Featuring case studies from around the world, this book includes detailed examples of how to successfully design and deliver an AI Summit.

Certificate In Creating Positive Change

The Certificate In Creating Positive Change is a 13 week live, online training program for people who want effective, evidence based, systems-oriented approaches for creating positive changes, be it through coaching, workshops, AI Summits, or change management strategies.

What We Wished We’d Known

Ever wish you could get a step-by-step roadmap for starting and growing your own thriving positive psychology or coaching business? In this program, I get real about all the things that didn't go to plan, the disappointments and setbacks, and eventually the triumphs of launching and growing my own speaking, coaching, and online business.