A disruptor of conventional leadership and people management practices, Elise’s diverse background allows her to straddle the commercial realities of organizations whilst forming deep human connections to facilitate positive change and extraordinary outcomes.

With more than 25 years of global and local human resources experience in corporate and public sector organizations, Elise encountered a very personal wake up call to the importance of enabling people to flourish at work after her own experience with depression. Having completed her Master of Applied Positive Psychology, these days Elise brings together Eastern and Western psychology approaches whilst drawing on her qualifications in Marketing and Management.

Growth oriented and highly collaborative, Elise strategically links simple, relevant and busy-proof content to ignite constructive conversation, connect people with possibility and inspire collective action and sustainable positive change.

A master at helping people to grow through the discomfort that often lurks in the shadows of workplaces, Elise believes wholeheartedly that other people matter and when we live and lead from this perspective we unlock people’s latent potential and their ability to thrive and flourish at work.

Where Elise Has Spoken:

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What People Say About Elise:

  • “Elise brings compassion, courage and connection to all that she does and has an incredible ability to help people ‘wake up’ in a disarming, safe and powerful way. If you are looking to partner with someone who enacts positive change at the individual, leader and system level, Elise is well placed to assist.”

    Luke Speers HR Director – ANZ

  • “Elise is one of the great leaders in the Australian Corporate environment. She is innovative, at the cutting edge of People and Culture strategic development, and has a gravitas that excites people and makes it easy to follow her at every level from rank and file to board room. I cannot recommend highly enough”

    George Livery Director of Corporate Development & Strategy, Swisse Wellness

  • “Drawing on her knowledge and expertise of positive psychology, Elise provided strategic Board facilitation and HR advice for Sports Dieticians Australia and gently guided our group to a higher level of function and thriving. She's also heaps of fun to be around; you can't help but be swept up by her energy and positivity.”

    Melinda Jacobsen Former Executive Officer, Sports Dietitian Australia

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Elise’s Vital Statistics:


Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne

Master of Management

Graduate Degree in Psychology

Bachelor Degree in Business (Marketing).


25 years of global and local corporate and public sector – 12 at senior/executive level - including, Swisse Wellness, iSelect, SEEK, Kraft, Cadbury, Pacific Brands and the Country Fire Authority.


Leadership Styles Inventory (LSI)

Group Styles Inventory (GSI)

Team Management Profile (TMP).

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